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Caitlin's Book Report

No description

crystal walton-wyche

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Caitlin's Book Report

Caitlin's Book Report
About Suzy Kline
Suzy Kline was born in Berkeley,California. She loved to write. In school her favorite subject was creative writing. Her teacher always gave her a S for satisfactory. Suzy met the love of her life Rufus in college. Before she made books , she taught 2nd,3rd,4th,and 5th grade. Suzy and Rufus got married. They had two children named Jennifer and Emily.
One night Herbie's uncle came to stayed for the summer. His Uncle Dwight was the coach for the the Laurel Woods summer baseball team for eight and nine year olds. Herbie's friend Ray thinks Uncle Dwight came to marry their teacher Miss.Pinkham.
The problem is Herbie can't play baseball, and now he's the coach's nephew. The day of the big game everyone was playing the whole six innings. That meant Herbie had to bat at least three times. Herbie had caught the first ball, it was a miracle!!!

Summary of the book
Main Events
The main idea of the story was about Herbie and the monster ball. One of the main events was when Herbie's Uncle Dwight came. Another main event was when Herbie had a talk with the monster ball. The monster ball is a basketball with a monster face drew on it.
Another main event happened when Herbie caught the ball in their game. Some other main event was the wedding. Uncle Dwight had got married to their teacher Miss.Pinkham. Now she was Mrs.Jones.
I really enjoyed this book. It had everything I loved baseball, sleepovers, and weddings. This book was very interesting. It had a little bit of a twist. Suzy Kline has made some great books. I wonder what else she has in store for us?
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