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Stephen Crane

By: Ryan Krueckeberg, Evan Boucher, and Abby Ruble

Ryan Krueckeberg

on 31 August 2011

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Transcript of Stephen Crane

Stephen Crane
By: Ryan Krueckeberg, Evan Boucher, and Abby Ruble The Biographical Info of Stephen Crane Stephen Crane, born in Newark, New Jersey on November 1st, 1871 son of Jonathan Townley Crane and Mary Helen Peck Crane. Crane Studied at Lafayette College and Syracuse University. Anthologies:

•Short Story Masterpieces (1954)
•Short Shorts (1982)
•Westeryear: Stories About the West, Past and Present (1988)
•100 Hair-Raising Little Horror Stories (1993)
•The Oxford Book of American Short Stories (1994)
•American Gothic (1997)
•Master's Choice (1999)
•The New Roger Caras Treasury of Great Horse Stories (1999)
•The Mammoth Book of Sword and Honour (2000)
•Gripping Yarns (2008) Novels:

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets (1893)
The Red Badge of Courage (1895)
Georgia's Mother (1896)
The Third Violet (1896) Short Stories:

An Episode of War (1902)
The Blue Hotel (1899)
The Open Boat (1897) And Finally, Series:

•Oxford Books of Prose
•Mammoth Anthologies Crane Also Wrote Poems, such as "The Black Rider" (1895) Crane had traveled to Cuba to cover the Spanish-American War for Joseph Pulitzer's "New York World", but he had caught malaria while he was there. Crane, on June 5th, 1900 at the age of 29, died of a combination of tuberculosis and malaria. Even though his work had been neglected over the years, authors Willa Cather and Amy Lowell had publicized his work, making it popular. Major Works and Critcisms Major Themes
Crane writes about extrordinary experiences confronted by ordinary people. His characters are not larger-than-life, but they reach the edges of their capacities for perception, action, and understanding.

Two of his works, "A Detail" and "The Open Boat", express parallel naturalistic themes. In both of these, individuals struggle for communication while being bothered by tumultuous forces. Themes and Writing Style The Open Boat naturalistc story of survival at sea The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky two cowboys stop their ritual gunfights The Monster black coachman injured in fire trying to save employer's son The Blue Hotel Three guys stuck at hotel during blizzard and one guy is murdered Maggie: A Girl of the Streets A girl living a life in poverty Criticism protagonists created by social, psychological, & biological factors show Crane's perspective of how he views humans impressionism- by color imagery throughout his works symbolism- symbols in story such as throwing bricks at a temple in "The Open Boat" naturalism- forces beyond control like the sea in "The Open Boat" Sources Writing Styles
Mainly: naturalism, impressionism, and symbolism Jeffery, Steven. "Internet Book List :: Author Information: Stephen Crane." Internet Book List :: Home. 2008. Web. 09 Mar. 2011. <http://www.iblist.com/author720.htm>.
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