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Where is your voice?

No description

Computing Dept

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Where is your voice?

“What pupils say about teaching and learning is the most important foundation for thinking about ways of improving schools.” Rudduck
You can be heard
Stay open
The building blocks of our school lay in your hands.
Question everything. What works? What doesn't? How could it work better?

Where is your voice?Make it heard.
Look at what student voice have achieved!
Building the school you want
Be heard and be part of it. If you have something to say then
say it.
Student voice is there for you to make a difference. We are listening.
Each year has 12 representatives- 4 in each colour, who will collaborate between you and your YAC and push your ideas forward.
Make suggestions whenever you have them. Progress on projects will be shared with you.
I have ideas, but I don't think that I have the skills to do anything with them.
Sixth Form reps and your coordinator will provide training and mentoring to develop the skills you need.
This wouldn't have happened without

I'm interested. What now?
Manifesto forms will be available in form time.
Fill it out!
Drop it into your year box in reception before the deadline:
Hang on... What next?
I submitted a manifesto, but how do I get elected?
The entries are short-listed by the Student Voice Coordinator. This is done based on the ideas submitted.
The short-listed manifesto ideas are presented in assembly. This will be done anonymously. You then vote.
These pupils made their voice heard... they made things happen.

Now it's your turn.
Student Voice
It's all about what you want.
Many student voice members go on to join the sixth form committee. A great experience to put on university applications and C.V.
Fantastic opportunity to develop key skills and get advice from experienced people. This year the sixth form are going to play a bigger role in student voice on a day to day basis. Each voice will have sixth form committee members involved.
Why me?
Exciting opportunity to meet and work with new people whilst making a difference to your school.
21st September

No more lunch queues in the rain!
You said the canteen was too chaotic...
Brand new food vending area with seating!
Which student voice is right for me?
Manifesto Form
Tell the teachers how to help you!
Student Voice
Make your voice heard - make a difference
Think of some ideas
Tell us why would be great!
Team player
Love a challenge
Decide which colour voice are you interested in.
Write them down!
Salad bar
New canopy eating area
Stickers by light switches
Jack Petchey board
CTG posters for teachers
Anti-bullying pages in planner
Learner wheel posters
ICT top tips
Earn Saffron Award points!
Gain an early lunch pass!
Now sit back and relax and watch the Student Voice 2016-2017 movie

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