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Presidential Platform

Jana Hall

on 25 October 2010

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Transcript of ABC

ABC Involvement! Fall 2008
General Body Member 2009-2010
Historian Presidential Platform for
2010-2011!! Campus Involvement Public Relations Director
Human.I.T.Y. Leadership Development Cabinet
Black Student Union Marketing Committee
Black History Month Director of Productions
Mr. and Ms. Black Student Union Pageant Freelance Journalist
The Independent Florida Alligator
The Gainesville Sun Public Relations and Graphics Intern
Career Resource Center --Calling and presiding over general body and
Executive Board MY Qualifications!! **Effective communication & effective management
--> Demonstrated through heading the Mr. and Ms. BSU pageant, and
manageing community relations, soliciations and organizational structure
at The Arc of Alachua County --Appointing chairpersons and members of
standing committees --Requesting information from the Executive Board,
standing committees and members as deemed
necessary to operate the organization effectively
and efficiently **Strategic Planning
-->Demonstrated through my experience in depth research synopsis,
situation analysis, speechwriting, event planning and
strategic marketing plans Visions! -More widespread publicity of ABC
--Tabling in Turlington & the Reitz Colonnade in
addition to Weimer courtyard -More Professional Development
---EMPHASIZE the fact that ABC is a professional organization
that all majors can benefit from
--Resume critiques, interview & cover letter tips
---Effective communication workshops
---Technology workshops -More networking
--Build professional relationships with organizations like
Asian Communicators **Description of Duties and... Bill Clinton's Global Initiative
University Conference!! Social Entreprenuership Networking Bill Clinton
Miami Dolphins' Pierre Garcon
Surgeon General Regina Benjamin Propelling ideas into action! **Leadership Abilities
-->Demonstrated through campus and community
involvement, conferences and employment experience Vote for
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