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Operations Final: Vintage Tub & Bath

No description

Trevor Lear

on 3 May 2014

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Transcript of Operations Final: Vintage Tub & Bath

No corporation mission statement
Competitive Advantage
Leading customer service
Low cost input sourcing
Online brand relevance
Convenience of online retail
Minimized overhead costs
Founded in 1993
Mountain Top, PA
Value of Outputs
Free shipping/ lowest price
Customer service support
High quality products
Supply Chain Management
Design of Facilities
Incorporation of Technology
Largest family-owned retailer of clawfoot tubs in the United States
Over 15,000 products
Value Chain
"Esteem, deep regard, and consideration for customers, coworkers, and company"
"Doing the right thing, because it's the right thing to do even when no one is looking."
"Commitment to best serve our customers, coworkers, and company."
"Constant adherence to the best interests of customers, coworkers, and company."
"The quality of being truthful, sincere, and fair in all principles, intentions, and actions."
Sales department isolated to eliminate noise interference
Off-site web server location
Warehouse locations
LOW Storage/ HIGH Turnover
Search Engine Marketing
$2 million towards Google yearly for search advertising
Adobe Ad Lense
Epicore ERP
Sale Entry
Supplier redundancy
3 distribution centers (PA NV TN)
Partner with Blue Grace Logistics
"Vintage Tub & Bath is a technology company first."
- Dawn Bobek
Looking Forward
Look to continue diversifying suppliers
Look towards international markets
Look for ways to solve narrow staging area
Supplier Locations
High product standards
High quality supplier relationships
Post-sale serviceability
"Our mission is to make as much money as possible"
-Dawn Bobek
Vintage is a tech company first
Maintaining healthy supplier relationships is essential
Maintain high quality, beautiful products
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