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Amy Byford

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Website Reviews By: Amy Byford My next site is highlightskids.com This site surprised me on how neat it is! It has many branches, such as highlights for kids, parents, and teachers. Although, this site I think would be more for the teacher, it could also be great for students. There are sections to play, things to read, & ideas for crafts. My third site is pbskids.org This site is very interactive! There are games, videos, options for apps, labs, etc… There are sections for kids as well as adults on this site. There are games to cover most curriculum areas; such as reading and math. Since this site has familiar faces (I.E. Curious George) I believe students would be drawn in and eager to participate! Websites! The first website I found is coolmath.com This site is a great math website! It covers all areas of math. It has puzzles, games, books, etc. It is user friendly and I think it would be engaging for all students! . . . By: Amy Byford
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