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alba serrrano

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Forensics

Famous Case
Some Types
Alba Serrano
Daisy Vega
Diana Flores
Forensic Science: the method of gathering and examining information about the past which is used in court.
Ted Bundy was responsible for 30-plus murders, but there was little evidence at the time to connect him to the crimes when he was arrested in 1975. Two years after his arrest, before his trial in Colorado he escaped and went to Florida. He killed three more people early in 1978, and when he was finally caught in 1978, the physical evidence in those cases led to his conviction.
Most crucial was the matching of a bite mark on Lisa Levy to Bundy’s distinctive, crooked and chipped teeth. He was convicted also of the murder of 12-year-old Kimberly Leach based on fibers found in his van that matched the girl’s clothing.
-Forensic Nursing

Types of Forensics
A Forensic
The Professional Life of
Ted Bundy
-Crime Scene Investigation

Digital & Multimedia Sciences professionals not only perform and conduct digital forensic examinations, they also help develop the scientific foundations for the practice of digital forensics, including research and publication, and they may manage digital forensic laboratories.
The job of a crime scene investigator is to carefully comb the crime scene taking photos, looking for hairs, blood, fibers, fingerprints, bullet fragments, and other pieces of evidence that might point to a suspect or help to formulate a theory of what events took place.
Forensic nurses are frequently called on to assist in investigations involving the victims or perpetrators of sexual abuse, domestic assault, child abuse, or other types of trauma.
-Digital & Multimedia Sciences
Types of forensics:
The bite-mark on Lisa Levy's buttock found at the night January 15th, 1978
Digital & Multimedia Sciences
Crime Scene Investigation
Forensic Nursing
Died-January 24, 1989 (aged 42)

Ted Bundy was arrested on August 16, 1975, in Salt Lake City, for failure to stop for a police officer.
Name: Kimberly Leach, 12 years-old.
Disappeared: Feb 9, 1978 Lake City, Florida.
Found: Apr 7, 1978 Suwannee State Park,Florida.

A search of his car revealed a ski mask, a crowbar, handcuffs, trash bags, an icepick, and other items that were thought by the police to be burglary tools.
In February of the following year, he was found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting a Utah teenager who had managed to escape from him, landing in prison for up to 15 years.
With the improvement of technology in the 21st century, if Ted Bundy was still being tried, then it would have been easier to find and gather evidence. Since most people use social media to post many things about their lives, such as what they have done or will do, it could be possible that he might have used social media to attract females.
With the improvement of HD quality surveillance cameras, if Ted Bundy had stopped at a convenient store his license plate could be written down. Or the surveillance video could have possibly caught him attracting the women.
His Trials (summarized)

First trial:
Bundy went to trial first
in Utah for aggravated kidnapping in which he was found guilty. Investigators weren't satisfied with the outcome so they decided they had enough evidence to try him for the murder of Caryn Campbell. He decided to represent himself for his trial and when they allowed him to do research in the library, he escaped through the window. He was caught 8 days later. But he soon then escaped again by climbing through the panel in the ceiling. he managed to make it to Florida where he killed at least 3 more people including Kimberly Leach. Then he was stopped in his VW when the cops detected his license stolen.

Second Trial:
Bundy’s second trial was the charges related to the attacks and murders of the Florida University Sorority students. The dental evidence that linked him to the attacks. The jury returned a verdict of guilty and, the judge sentenced Bundy to death twice for the murders, by means of the electric chair.
Thrid Trial:
His third trial was related to the murder of Kimberly Leach. Bundy decided against self-representation, and his defence counsel pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. The volume of forensic evidence and eyewitness testimony linking him to the crime convinced the jury to again return a guilty verdict. He was again sentence of death by electrocution
Also many houses have cameras set up outside and inside so it could be possible that Ted Bundy would have been caught much more quickly and had more evidence during his trials to be persecuted. With the development of technology now anything is possible. There could have been a teens out on there phones recording and may have seen Ted Bundy in action.

Bundy refused to accept his fate. Multiple appeals over the next decade resulted in stays of execution that kept him from the electric chair. He confessed to an investigator that he had committed various acts of butchery and necrophilia. His victim count was anywhere between 26 and 40. Others believe the total may have been much higher.

Finally on 24 January 1989, and he was executed at 7 am, taking the secret of his actual victim count with him. His body was cremated and his ashes were spread over the Washington State mountain area that had served as his favorite dumping ground for the bodies of his victims.
Not all people he was accused of killing were his victims. Kathy Devine (a young woman originally attributed as a Bundy victim), later with DNA evidence found, William Cosgrove, was found guilty of her murder, who had no connection to Bundy.

Name: Caryn Campbell, 24 year-old
Born: September 20, 1951, Dearborn, MI
Murdered : January 12, 1975, Colorado
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