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West African Region

No description

Jada Baker

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of West African Region

West Africa
By: Jada And Haley!

Burkina Faso
Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Equatorial Guinea
The Gambia
Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville)
Sierra Leone

Physical Geography LANDFORMS:

Sahara desert
rain forest- In Ghana
Atlas Mountains
Niger River
Volta river
Senegal River
Chad Basin


Extremely wet with high temperatures all year round Traditional People Who are they and what are they like?
Village name: M' bagne
Made up of mostly extended families
Halpular ethnic groups
Villagers share fields along the Senegal River and water from the river irrogates the field.
They grow potatoes, onions, tomatoes, beans, and ocra
Some crops rely strictly on weather.
Most people speak Pular.
Few boys go to high school; they move on to bigger villages.
Beyond the village few girls have chances to go to school
Are they having issues surviving the wodern world?
Their borders brong different ethinic groups together who often don't get along.
The cost of factories and equipment are getting to expensive for civillians
Nigeria's oil- rich economy was hurt by political intstability, corruption, and misadvantages. Government Government
Senigal - Republic
Gambia - Republic
Bissua - Republic
Guinea - Republic
Sierra - Constitutional Democracy
Liberia - Republic
Ivory Coast - Republic
Mauritania - Military Junta
Mali - Republic
Niger - Republic
Nigeria - Federal Republic
Benim - Republic
Togo - Republic
Ghana - Consititutional Democracy
Barkina fosa - Parliament republic

Popular Culture Would you like to visit this area today? I would like to visit West Africa becuase it has a variety of cultures to visit. If you like more traditional places then you can visit one of the many villages. These places are more like farms than cities. They grow vegetables, beans, and other foods. You would definitly see more fields and crops than you would in the city. Then again if you like the city life more you could visit more modern places. These places would have more street and you would see more modern clothing ( like in the U.S.). They also have expenisive cars and houses like many in the U.S. Most of their streets are well- paved and they also have good lighting. They also have wonderful sights. You could choose from the Sahara Desert or the Atlas Mountains, or anything in between. The climate their is nice if you like warm weather. I love warm weather. I can't stand the cold! Skyscrapers
Street Market
Paved Streets
Clean Water
Expensive Cars

://www.solarnavigator.net/geography/geography_images/West_Africa_map.jpg&imgrefurl http://www.apwa.net/Publications/Reporter/ReporterOnline/index http://gme.grolier.com/page?tn=/article/media West Africa's government is effective.They are working to improve jobs and modernize West Africa. Their government
is also working to provide
clean water and medicaton
to the less fortunate or those who live in villages out of touch from these important things. Now that West africa's death rate is decreasing and their economy is getting better the people of West Africa are getting jobs and finalutal help they need, their children can go to school instead of working to support their families . Effctive ? Yaounde City in Cameroon http://goafrica.about.com/od/africatraveltips/ig/Africa-s-Capital-Cities/Yaounde--Cameroon.htm http://www.mrfs.net/trips/2005/West_African_Coast/Lome/Lome.html Streets in Ghana http://burkina-adventures.blogspot.com/ Hospital in Burkina Faso
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