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Betsy Ross

No description

Jaylyn Adorno

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross
By: Jaylyn Adorno 1, Grade: 7th

Essential Question
How did Betsy Ross influence the design of our current American flag?
Personal Reflection
From researching this topic I learned so much about Betsy Ross. I learned that there was a lot of thought put in the design and that there are still many unanswered questions like who made the first American flag. What I would change in history relating to this topic is better records so there wouldn't be so many unanswered questions. I grown from kindergarten to 7th grade because I did my projects more in depth.

Table Of Context
Birth and death
Schooling for Betsy Ross
John Ross
The meeting
finished flag
How do we know Betsy Ross
Historical significance
What I learned
Birth And Death
Betsy Ross was born on January 1, 1752 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Her parents were Rebecca and Samuel Griscom
Her maiden name was Elizabeth Griscom
died on January 30, 1836 at the age of 84
She went to Quaker public school
She had 8 hours days learning r reading, writing, trading skills, and sewing
After completing school she was a apprentice upholsterer [she had a job sewing as she is doing in the picture]
John Ross
At Betsy Ross's upholstering job she met John Ross
John Ross was Betsy Ross's 1st husband
He died during the America Revolution
The Meeting
Betsy Ross had a meeting with Robert Morris, George Washington, an John Ross's uncle George Ross about the flag in 1776
Betsy Ross made some changes like showing them a five-pointed is much easier then a six-pointed star because she could cut one with one snip of the scissors.
Finished The Flag
Betsy Ross made the changes to the design that was shown to her
She finished the flag in 1777
She also got paid for making the flag in 1777
Betsy Ross is historically significant effect our current flag because she changed the six pointed star into a five pointed star and that is probably why we have a five pointed star today.
I have learned a lot from this topic such as how hard Betsy Ross and other women had to work during the American Revolution.
I want to acknowledge Ms.Puja, Ms.Pat,and Mr.G you were all great teachers that challenged me and pushed me to succeed. I want to thank my three best friends Anthony, Christian, and Joshua although you could sometimes get me in trouble but I have no idea what I would have done without you. The last person I want to thank is my mom obviously she has been with me since the being but you've helped me so much everyday.
Betsy Ross giving a representation for America by creating the American flag.
How She Was Remembered
Stories were passed on by people
Books were made on her
She had stamps
She also had medals
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