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Victoria Yuan

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Shakespeare

Research Research William Shakespeare Emily Braverman, Victoria Yuan, Emily Willkom and Alexandra Witonsky 1558-1603 •The Swan Theatre was an outdoor theatre that was built in 1596. Chamberlain’s men played there the year the theatre opened
The Fortune Theatre was built in 1600 by Phillip Henslowe. It had an unusual design—it was a square while most theatres of that time period were round. It burned down in 1621
The Globe Theatre was built in 1599 and is believed to have been round. One of the first plays preformed in the Globe was Julius Caesar. A fire burnt it down. The second Globe Theatre had a partial covering of the pit. Parents Parents married sometime between 1556 and 1558
John Shakespeare
Local politician, apprentice glove maker/leather tanner
Worked in selling farm products and prospered
Bought a house in 1552 and later bought more property in 1556
Elected to a few civic positions
Ale-taster of the borough
Gave children free education at Stratford Grammar School
After 1570- downfall from respected positions to a debtor and absentee council member
Few years before his death, began to gain status again
Mary Arden- daughter of a Robert Arden of Wilmecote (a wealthy land owner)
Asbies- Mary’s estate Siblings Private Investigator Stage Director OUTDOOR
THEATRE Person of Interest: William Shakespeare ACTORS/ Companies •between 1590- 1642 there were about 20 acting companies in London SOME HISTORICAL PLAYS Time Period The Elizabethan era is the period of Elizabeth I’s reign as Queen of England. Elizabeth succeeded her older half-sister Mary I in 1558, and at the time of her death in 1603, James VI of Scotland became James I of England, ending the Elizabethan era. Elizabeth had a 45 year reign, from when she was only 25 years old, until she layed in her death bed at 69 years old. This time period is also known as an Golden Age when considering the arts. Henry VIII was determined to marry his beloved Anne Boleyn, who had promised him a son, an heir to his throne. The essential question: Were his motivations honest? Was he just besotted and, or infatuated with Anne Boleyn or was his main concern actually about securing an heir? Henry VIII was originally a devout catholic, the Pope even rewarded him with the title Defender of the Faith, after writing the Defense of the Seven Sacraments after Martin Luther published his 95 Theses on the chapel door of the University of Wittenberg. After Pope Clement VII denied an annulment of his first marriage with Catherine of Aragon, daughter of the deceased Isabella and Ferdinand. Pope Clement VII did not grant Henry VII because of personal motivations, Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor was Catherine of Aragon’s nephew and he did not want to insult him. After battling within himself, Henry VIII broke away from Rome and created the Anglican Church. He secretly married Anne Boleyn in 1533 and was declared the Supreme head of the Anglican church in 1534 when the Act of Supremacy was passed. 7 brothers and sisters
Died of plague
Died as child
William Shakespeare (3rd child)
Haberdasher (sells hats, clothes...
Joan (named after first child)
Outlived all other children
Died in childhood
Actor Basic Profile Born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, England
Married Anne Hathaway and had 3 children
Playwright, poet, actor
Known for being considered the greatest dramatist of all time
Total # of plays: 37
Died in 1616 ACT I - Time Frame
Othello was first preformed at the court of King James I in November 1601
Scene i – Geography
Most action takes place in Cyprus. The wars between Turkey and Venice that took up most of the late 16th century
ACT II – Elements of drama
Othello has all of the standard requirements for a Shakespearian drama due to the fact that it encompasses drama, tragedy, dramatic irony, monologues, soliloquy, asides, and exposition. Scene i – Characters Emilia- Iago’s wife, Desdemona’s attendant, dubious about Iago’s deeds.
Roderigo- Suitor to Desdemona, agrees to anything to get Desdemona’s hand, envious of Othello.
Bianca- Courtesan for Cassio.
Duke of Venice- The official authority in Venice greatly respects Othello.
Montano- Governor of Cyprus.Lodovico- one of Barbanzio’s kinsmen, acts as a messenger.Graziano- Another kinsmen who accompanies Lodovico.
Clown- Servant to Othello. Othello- Protagonist, Venetian general, and Christian moor.
Desdemona- Wife to Othello, daughter to Barbanzio, many think her weak but she deals well with Othello’s incomprehensible jealousy.
Iago- The plays villain, employee of Othello, his evil doings seem motiveless. Resents Michael Cassio for his lieutenant position.
Michael Cassio- Lieutenant and friend of Othello, friends with Desdemona. Scene i Characters Plot In Shakespeare’s play Othello; Iago, the villain, is passed over/ignored for promotion in favor of his colleague and best friend, Cassio. Othello has been married to Desdemona whose family disowned her due to the way they believed Othello courted her.Othello is exiled to Cyprus and Desdemona goes after him. Iago becomes fed up with overwhelming jealousy, so much so that he plots to make Othello mad by convincing him that Desdemona is having an affair with his best friend, Cassio. Iago manages to convince Othello that this is true, causing Othello to then go into a blind rage and kill Desdemona.Her maid Amelia then tells Othello that Iago has made all this up and Othello commits suicide due to the fact that he killed his wife.After that, Iago kills Amelia for spoiling his plans and ratting him out. Iago is then found out for all his horrible actions and is sentenced to die. Shakespeare's Education There are almost no existing records of his education but it is assumed that....
Father’s position as alderman gave Shakespeare free education at the Stratford Grammar School
Stratford Grammar School became the King’s New School when Edward VI became king
Educated boys in Latin grammar and literature
Shakespeare started education around 6 or 7
Learned basic reading skills from a horn-book
School’s primary language was Latin Work Background The Lost Years 1585-1592
2nd period in his life known as the “lost years?
During the time when there are no records of what he did
Believed to have been working on drama skills and brainstorming ideas for his plays
Within this time, it is believed that he was recruited by the Leicester’s men (playing company)
Was an established actor by 1592
Many theatres closed in 1592 due to the plague Lord Chamberlain’s Men
Theatrical company where Shakespeare performed, worked and was a part-owner
Became a leading member in 1594
Shakespeare was the company’s principle dramatist
Company bought the Globe Theater in 1599 Other Works 37 plays
5 narrative poems
Venus and Adonis
The Rape of Lucrece
The Passionate Pilgrim
The Phoenix and the Turtle
A Lover's Complaint
154 sonnets Sharers invested, paid the members apprentices played women, were boys whose voices hadn't changed yet paid members were minor actors, stage managers, costumers, prompters and stage hands (PAID BY SHARERS A company = 3-4 boys women's parts
6+ hired players other parts
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