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Plant Anatomy

No description

Ashlie Kinnaman

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Plant Anatomy

Plant Anatomy Roots anchor plant in soil, absorb minerals & water, & store food. Fibrous Roots mat of thin roots that spread out
found in monocots Tap Roots 1 large vertical root
also produces many small lateral, or branch roots
found in dicots Root Hairs increase absorptive surface area Nodes

Terminal or apical buds
Axillary buds
Flower buds & flowers Modified Shoots Stolons (strawberries) rhizome (ginger) Tubor (potato) Bulb (onion) Leaves Functions photosynthesis
gas exchange
transpiration Modified Leaves tendrils (peas) spines (cacti) colored leaves (poinsetta) succulent leaves TYPES OF LEAVES Stomata Interdependent Systems roots depend on sugars produced by photosynthetic leaves
shoots depend on water & minerals absorbed from the soil by roots Plant Tissues Vascular Tissue Xylem move water & minerals up from roots
dead cells at functional maturity
only cell walls remain
need empty pipes to efficiently move H2O
transpirational pull Phloem carry sugars & nutrients throughout plant
Living cells at functional maturity
lose their nucleus, ribosomes & vacuole
more room for specialized transport of liquid food (sucrose)
sieve tubes: sieve plates — end walls — have pores to facilitate flow of fluid between cells
companion cells: nucleated cells connected to the sieve-tube and help sieve tubes
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