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Primary and Secondary Sources

No description

Jessica Quinones

on 22 August 2018

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Transcript of Primary and Secondary Sources

(Write down 3 that you have seen)
(Write down 3 that you have seen)
History textbooks
Encyclopedias (Print/Online)
Non-fiction history books
Reinacted Documentaries
Secondary Sources
Primary Sources
Thinking Like a Historian
They offer an inside view of a particular event. They are created by witnesses who experienced the events or time period.

Ask yourself: Was the object present during the time period?
Autobiographies/ Memoirs
Video/Film footage of actual event
Objects/Artifacts from the time
Poems, art, music
Government documents
Documents written after an event has occurred, providing secondhand information of that event, person, or topic.

Ask yourself: did the creator of this experience the event?
Ticket Out:
Make a list of primary and secondary sources you would use if you were to do a scholarly report on Christopher Columbus journey to the Americas.

Biography: a book about somebody's life written by another person

Autobiography: a book about a person, written by that person

Non-fiction: writings that are factual
Supplies: Agenda, Notebook, dry erase marker, and a pencil
Agenda: BW, Primary Source Story, Presentations

Objective: IWBAT define, categorize, and distinguish between primary and secondary sources.

Bell Work:
Finish your "Believe It or Not...I Was Their" story. If you are done read do a Brain Builder or Geography Challenge.

A document, physical object, or work of art that was present during an experience or time period.
Are the following primary or secondary sources?
(This is a test)
Class Period:___

1. The Declaration of Independence

2. A TV show explaining what happened to the Roman Empire.

3. A WWI veteran talking about the war.

4. A letter from a soldier describing the Civil War.

5. A classmate doing a report on China.

1. Primary
2. Secondary
3. Primary
4. Primary
5. Secondary
Presentation Time!

5 Students will be chosen at random to present their stories in different areas of the classroom.

The remaining students may choose which stories they would like to listen to BUT there may not be more than 6 students per presenter.

Activity Norms
The only person standing in the group may be the presenter
Listeners will be respectful during presentations

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