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Plot Conflicts from A Raisin in the Sun

Project for 3rd Period Language Arts

Imani Quinones

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Plot Conflicts from A Raisin in the Sun

PLOT CONFLICTS FROM A RAISIN IN THE SUN CONFLICT: A discord of action, feeling, or effect; antagonism or opposition, as of interests or principles. THE FIVE TYPES OF CONFLICT: ~Person vs. Person ~Person vs. Nature ~Person vs. Fate
~Person vs. Society ~Person vs. Self 1. PERSON VS. PERSON
~This is when two or more characters have a conflict with each other. 2. PERSON VS. SOCIETY
~The character(s) have to overcome issues, conflicts, and pressures within their community. 3. PERSON VS. NATURE ~ This is when a character has to overcome issues in their environment. 4. PERSON VS. SELF
~This is when a character is against himself, has a difficult decision to make 4. PERSON VS. SELF
~This is when a character has internal pressures that they have to overcome. The antagonist is their self. 5. PERSON VS. FATE
~ This is when the conflict is a coincidence or unbelieveable phenonenom. The main type of conflict you can see in A RAISIN IN THE SUN is Person vs. Society. There are also hints of Person vs. Person and Person vs. Self. RUTH
YOUNGER Ruth Younger is one of the main characters in the play, A RAISIN IN THE SUN. She goes through all of conflicts that were previously mentioned. She goes through Person vs. Society when Mr. Lindner comes to tell her that everyone in Clybourne Park does not want her there because of her skin color. She faces Person vs. Self conflict when she is trying to decide whether or not to go through with her abortion. Lastly, she experiences Person vs. Person conflict throughout the story with various other characters, especially Mr. Lindner because 1) he is a white man and 2) he was the one to tell her not to live in her new home. A RAISIN IN THE SUN is a great story and is wonderful for learning about literature. Thanks for watching my Prezi! P.S. Done by Imani Quinones from 3RD period.
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