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Carbon Cycle-Mars

No description

Alfredo Rios

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Carbon Cycle-Mars

Carbon into the atmosphere
-Carbon gets in from humans burning fossil fuels and using power plants.
Carbon incorporated into the rock cycle
-Carbon enters the rock cycle from shells, sediment and organisms decaying.
Living organisms
Carbon Monoxide (Co27)
Amphorous Carbon (aC)
-aC is found in coal and graphite.
Carbon Dioxide (Co2)
-Plants absorb Co2 to create sugar and oxygen.
Methane (CH4)
-Methane has a common use of creating light.
Carbon out of the atmosphere
- Carbon gets out of our atmosphere from respiration.
-Living organisms like plants use carbon to produce sugar and oxygen.
-Co27 is created when coal or wood gets burned and is very toxic.
Why do we need Carbon?
- We need carbon so plants can produce food and sugar for all living organisms.
Carbon Pollution
Carbon Fertilizer
Carbon waste
-Humans burn a lot of fossil fuels and that releases a ton of carbon.
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Humans waste carbon by using carbon fiber
Carbon cannot be used as a fertilizer since it is dangerous.
Carbon Cycle
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