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3.03 Early Mesoamerican Civilizations Assessment

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briana tesfaye

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of 3.03 Early Mesoamerican Civilizations Assessment

3.03 Early Mesoamerica Civilizations Assessment
Olmec Image #1
Zapotec Image #1
Zapotec Image #2
Chavin Image #1
Chavin Image #2
The Chavin culture created it. This specific item is a gold crown created my hammering. They were created somewhere around 900 and 500 B.C.E. created within the Chavin society, made by Chavin metallurgists. This was worn by the leader so everyone knows who they are.
Nobody truly knows who first created these the only thing they do know it that the Olmec`s made them as a form of art. Some are located Within the Olmec`s heartland while others reside along the gulf of Mexico. Well the civilization formed around 1200 B.C. but did not reached its height power until between 700 and 400 B.C. however I do not know when the head(s) were created but they supposedly date before 900 B.C. Each individual head had its own weight; some would be roughly around 40 tons while others barley 6 tones while the height was almost a staggering 9 feet. From what I have read the purpose of the Olmec`s head was to honor the greatest ball players of their time, by representing them with unique faces and or helmets. The sport back then however was like an earlier version of racquetball.
The pre-Colombian civilization of Zapotec originally built the pyramids but the Mayan people had made an addition to it by building and finishing the tops of the pyramids and writing inscriptions. The pyramids are 396 meters above the sea level. Nobody knows the only estimate is somewhere between 500 B.C.E and 700 C.E. Located in the central of Oaxaca Valley located in Mexico. It served as a structure from what I know of but I do not know what else.
The Chavin culture created it. This was a religious ceremonial site in which other events could have been conducted; however it has many other functions. Well its elevation rests at 10,425 feet above the sea level in the Peruvian Andes. This object is 160 miles north of Peru specifically the city of Lima. “Its 160 miles of 250 kilometers north of Peru, in the city of Lima”. Well it was starting to be constructed by 1200 B.C. However most of the construction was done by 750 B.C.
Olmec Image #2
The Olmec civilization created it. This object became the center of the Olmec society, and is in the current/present day city of Tabasco. Well the civilization was created around 1200 B.C.E. It was a form of alter created out of sand and clay. Well it demonstrated how their society was interested in astrology and complex thinking. This specific structure was allegedly supposed to align with groups of stars called constellations, but it was also a ceremonial area.
The Zapotec civilization built this. It’s near the valley of Oaxaca. It was created around 500 B.C.E. Sizes and weight range from 10 centimeters to 9.5 inches and all the way to a meter. Most urns were made in sets or series, and they were made from a fine gray paste. It would be used as a funerary urn.
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