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All Government Contracts

Federal, State contracts how to get your foot in the door

Rachael Rietz

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of All Government Contracts

Start Here Get ready. Most contractors require vendors to meet government standards ethics, equal opportunity employment practices, cost accounting, and "Buy American" provisions. The Small business Administrations provides free support for small companies new to government work. Business.gov helps small business access government resources. Register with the Central Contractor Registration at
www.crr.gov Consider reaching out to a major contractor to become a subcontractor. That way you can insulate yourself from some of the contractual provisions and the onerous paperwork. State Contracts Federal Contracts Register with Baltimore City and or Baltimore County with maintains its own vendor registration system. Build Relationships with government procurement officers in Maryland MAKE
LOSE Don't get discouraged. It is not uncommon for companies to take up to a year before landing their first government contract. If you lose a bid, ask the agency representative to review it with you and show you how to improve. Once you know the process, bidding will speed up considerably. Fill out the Online Representations & Certifications Application (ORCA) at orca.bpn.gov. That provides more details about your business that the CCR Search for contracts on the Federal Business Opportunities Web site. This government - sponored site lists most projects at federal agencies that are open to solicitations. The exception is highly classified projects with intelligence agencies. Apply to become a contractor or subcontractor with the General Services Administration, the federal procurement agency that manages big contracts with commerical entities. To apply go to
gsa.gov Reach out to your local Procurement Technical Assistance Center. These agencies support small businesses that want to do business with the DOD. A state-by-state listing of PTAC's which are managed by the DOD.
www.dla.mil/db/procurem.htm Contact the DOD's Office of Small Business Programs at
acq.osd.mil/sadbu. This site offers information on small business programs specific to the DOD. This website also maintains a databases of prime contractors and provides contact information for the small business liaisons in each division of the military. It is also a good resource for the agency's procurement forcasts. Search for availabe projects online at Maryland.gov
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