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5 Themes of Geography -Australia

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Anthony Garcia

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of 5 Themes of Geography -Australia

Anthony Garcia
Human & Environmental
Absolute Location
Relative Location
27°S, 133°E
Along The Tropic Of Capricorn In the Eastern Hemisphere
Northwest Of New Zealand
South Of Indonesia
Island Continent Between The Indian Ocean & The South Pacific Ocean
South Of Papua-New Guinea
Sydney House Opera
Human Characteristics
Great Barrier Reef
The Blob Fish
Uluru/Ayers Rock
Physical Characteristics
Fun Fact !
Australia is the driest
inhabitant continent
on Earth
Population: 22,620,60
The Sydney Opera House Is A Multi-venue Performing Arts Center In Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Although There Is No Official Language In Australia The Most Spoken Language Is Australian English (Which Is English With An Australian Accent).
61% Of All Australians Are Christians, About 20% Roman Catholic & The Other 19% Believe In Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism Or Are Atheist.
Fun Fact !
Australia Is Home To More Kangaroos then People.
Coastal Lakes and Lagoons
Glacial lakes
Salt lakes
Volcanic Lakes
-Lake Alexandrina
-Blue lake
-Glenbrook Lagoon
Freshwater Lakes
-Dove Lake
-Lake Dunn
-Lake George
-Club Lake
- Lake Selina
-Lake Albina
-Lake Yamma Yamma
-Lake Torrens
-Lake Dundas
-Valley Lake
-Little Blue Lake
-Lake Euramoo
(named after princess Victoria)
(located near cradle mountain)
(one of the longest lakes)
There Are Five different Types Of Lakes In Australia (Excluding Man-made Ones)
Can Be Seen From Outer Space
Home To Many Different Species
Extremely Rare & Endangered Deep-Sea FishUluru is an inselberg, literally "island mountain
The Head Of A Blob Fish Weighs 1/3 Of Its Total Body Weight
Remains Stationary Throughout most Of His Life Because It Has No Muscle At All
Informative Web Page -->
On Blob Fishes
Uluru Is An Inselberg, Literally "Island Mountain"
Mainly Equaltorial Climate But Has A Lot Of Grass Lands, Too.
The way people move from place to place in Australia
Why people would move to or from Australia
They may move to Australia because ...
- Heat
- the scenery
- war free
- available jobs
- School
- family
They may leave Australia Because ...
- work
- environment (beaches)
- second highest standard of living
computers and office machines, machinery and transport equipment and telecommunications lasers

coal, gold meat, wool, alumina, iron ore and wheat
Australia's main imports and exports
States & Territory
Fun Fact !
Australians Celebrate Christmas in the summer
Mandarin 1.6%
Italian 1.4%
Arabic 1.3%
Cantonese 1.2%
Greek 1.2%
Sign language Auslan which is the main language for over 6,500 deaf people
Soil erosion has been caused from industrial development, overgrazing and poor farming.
The largest coral reef in the world, The Great Barrier Reef, is threatened because of increased shipping
Increased tourism has boost their economy which is good
People mostly live in coastal regions mainly in the southeast. Very few people live in the interior because its very dry and for the most part all desert. The north is Very hot too and more tropical.
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