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The Evolution of Giraffes

No description

Sarah Hillen

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of The Evolution of Giraffes

The Evolution of Giraffes By:
Sarah Hillen The Giraffe The Family of the Giraffe The giraffe comes from the family known as giraffidae. Giraffids are mammals that have cloven hooves Giraffids have been around since 5.3-13.7 years ago. The only other giraffid that exists it the okapi, which is shown in this picture. Today giraffids only live in sub-Saharan Africa Other Extinct Giraffids Where the Giraffe Comes From The order of the family Giraffidae is known as Artiodactyla, animals in this order are mammals with cloven hooves. The Evolutionary Tree of the Giraffe Key MM and mm- Million Years
MM- time span - present time
mm- begining of time span to end of time span Years Ago:

Nubian Somali Smoky Kordofan Maasai Rotheschild South African Rhodesian WestAfrican

5.3-23.0MM: Palaeotragus Samotherium Giarffe Okapi

5.3-23.0mm: Climacoceratidae 5.3-13.7MM: Giraffidae

5.3-23.0MM: Giraffoidea

5.3-13.7MM: Pecora

40.4-55.8MM: Ruminatia

Artiodactyla -The Sametherium is an extict giraffid in the group known as Climacoceratidae.
-They had short necks and two ossicones on their head that pointed upwards and curved backwards -Prolibytherium -Climacoceras' resemble a deer having large antler-like ossicones.
-They were about 5 feet tall.
- -Similar to todays giraffe.
-Had large horns that were leaf-shaped.
-It was 6 feet tall. Giraffes Today -Giraffes are hooved animals that live in sub-Saharan Africa.
-Giraffes are the tallest animals on Earth.
- The diet of a giraffe includes twigs and branches of trees. THE END
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