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Stargirl By. Jerry Spinelli

No description

Halley Kemmer

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Stargirl By. Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl By. Jerry Spinelli🀟🀟🀟
By Halley Kemmer🀟
Chapter 1
PREDICTION:I predict that everyone thinks stargirl is weird because she started strumming her ukulele and singing and twirling without a care. I infer this because the text said." Half the lunch room kept staring, some started buzzing."
Chapter 2
PREDICTING: I can predict that leo will start to talk to stargirl because hillari Kimble started saying that stargirl was a fake and not real.in chapter 2 leo says,"It then came to me that Hillari Kimble was wrong. Stargirl was real."
Chapter 3
Leo followed stargirl home and she put a card inside a mailbox. I can infer that stargirl gave Leo the porky pine neck tie because the text says,"i went to the mailbox and pulled out a card, it said congratulations but was unsigned.
Chapter 4
Hillari kimbles boyfriend is Wayne parr and he earns no A's, never on a sports team, and is elected for nothing and leo and Kevin wonder what dose she see in him? "he was a nobody,he earned no as, joined no orginization and no sports team.
Chapter 5
In a football game stargirl went on the field and started twirling around.the next day she was asked to join chearleading. The next game more than 1,000 people came to watch her."she was twirling down the 40 yard line when the players came but she stayed." AP
Chapter 6
I can infer that Hillari Kimble is jelouse of Stargirl for making the cheearleading squad because that could make Stragirl more popular than Hillari. " Dont try singing to me, im warning you." Hillari said this and this made me infer that she was jelouse.
Chapter 7
i can infer that stargirl is unique because she dosnt care what other people think and she gives her self new names to be diffrent. When she went to archie she was unique. "when she first showed up she called herself pocket mouse,mudpie,& hullygully
Chapter 8
i can infer that Hillari was envious of stargirl because she took a rat names cinnimon and held it over stargirls head by its tail about to drop it to its death. "Hillari was standing at the edge of the stairway holding cinnimon over stargirl."
Chapter 9
in the text it says "MAHS STUDENTS AFTIR INDIVIDUALITY ERUPTS" this makes me infer that stargirl will stay the same and she wont fight with other students. she will be expresing her indeviduality to the rest of the school.
Chapter 10
i can predict that stargirls pleage of aligence will go international. "i pleadge alliegence to the united turtles of america..." soon enoughe kids were saying stargirls version lf the pleadge of alliegence.
Chapter 11
i can infer that stargirl is alwayse encouraged and happy because in the text her cheer for the other team when they scored and for her team. "dribble dribble sis boomb bibble we dont bight we dont nibble we just say howdyfriends!"
Chapter 12
i can infer that the show "hot seat" was created to get in to peopls personal life and to share it with thr school. "typical questions: its it true you like so and so? How often do you take a shower?"
Chapter 13
i can determin that stargil that stargirl is not eisily persuaded when it comes to names and she never sticks with just one. "My name is something i wear like a shirt it gets warn, i out grow it i change it.
Chapter 14
i can predict that the electrons will come back and win because stargirl will cheer them on and give them confidence. " we would settle for nothing less" i can also predict that stargirl and leo will be a couple.
Chapter 15
i can predict that stargirl and leo will be a couple. "I LOVE YOU and as third graders and often highschoolers often do, the senders had singed it in a code. * gril
Chapter 16
i can infer that leo likes stargirl back because she gave him that note that said I LOVE YOU! " girls sang in unison starboy, starboy...."
Chapter 17
i determine that all of leos friends and stargirls friends are star ting to figure out that they like eachother in the the text leos friend saiys, "your in love dude."
Chapter 18
i can clarify that leo is starting to see the true beauty in stargirl and that she is diffrent han everyone else and thats why he likes her. We were alone we were the only ones in school. at least thats how it felt in the following days."
Chapter 19
we can infer that the shunnee will do something wrong again to mess his life up,even more. "unless he repents, nobody speeks to him for the rest of his life not even his family."
Chapter 20
i can infer that stargirl and leo both know that they like each other and they are starting to show it. "when ever we could we rode side by side"
Chapter 21
i can predict that stargirl wants to make filers more popular than. they are now so more people read them and they are more important. "I LOVE FILERS!" she exclaimed"
Chapter 22
i am questioning why stargirl is so hippi, groovy, and up beat when her parents arent at all and leo predicted that her parents would look like they. came from the 1960. "but i still couldnt imagine stargirl coming from an ordinary home.
Chapter 23
we can clarify that his feelings for stargirl are off and on because he dosnt want to make a fool out of himself ,in frount of the hole school. " when someone turned and nodded i felt grateful but when someone spoke to me first i wanted to cry"
Chapter 24
one day leo came to school and stargirl had posted up a sign that said "stargirl loves leo."
ever since leo and stergirl started dating everyone that leo has known has started to ignor him and not talking him because they think hes weird that he likesstargirl. "people ive known ignoe me they dint know me."
Chapter 26
leo made stargirl change who she was. "the girl standing in frount of me woar jeans and sandles had brunet red nails and lipstick and head to toe rings hoop earings that i could stick my hnd through. i wispeted stargirl and she said my name is susan."
Chapter 27
susan and leo drove to arizona oratorical contest finals with the faculity representitives. "a PA announcement echoed through thr school and we were off to pheonix."
Chapter 28
at the contest susan gives a speach and by the time shes done she has a standing ovation from the croud. "we were all on our feet claping and cheering."
Chapter 29
i can infer that susan is very proud jof her self for wininning the contest. "she won as she said she would."
Chapter 30
i think stargirl realized that its more important to be you instead of someone else. "on monday she was back to stargirl wi skirts and flowers in her hair."
Chapter 31
there is a donce going on and leo dosnt go. "i did not ask, i didnt go"
Chapter 32
i can infer that leo will miss stargirl and stargil will miss leo when she moves. " a for sale sign pierced in to the ground at stargirls."
Chapter 33
archi made a school out of his house. " a new elementary school occupies stargirls enchanted place."
Chapter 34
Chapter 5
In a football game stargirl went on the field and started twirling around.the next day she was asked to join chearleading. The next game more than 1,000 people came to watch her."she was twirling down the 40 yard line when the players returend but she stayed.
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