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From the coffee field to the coffee table

Different types of coffee


on 10 July 2010

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Transcript of From the coffee field to the coffee table

A cup of coffee with a bit of history The beginning: Well, not really. Have you heard of coffee cherries?
What about coffee beans?
In fact, it all starts with a cherry, inside of which
you can find one or two coffee beans. Once it is ripe, coffee is picked and the fruit
is removed from the cherry to get to the beans. After washed and selected, coffee beans are dried, bagged up and shipped. Next step: roasting.
This is actually cooking the beans to a certain roast (Mild, Medium, and Dark Roasts). The longer the beans are roasted, the more their flavour and fullness are released. Lighter beans tend to be milder and darker beans tend have more fullness and flavour.
Finally, we can grind and brew our coffee to taste a very fresh cup of coffee The Perfect Cappuccino: movie trailer
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