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Benedict Tan

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of CTSS-CPA-3A3-CEL-Benedict-02

Computers In Everyday Life Its basically the use of computers in the home, school, workplace and comunity. Do you know that a Processor is a part of the computer that follow instrustions and carries out actions? It is like the "brain" of a computer There is also this thing called a robot.
A robot is a computer-controlled machine which can perform physical task, either automatically or by remote control. There is some advantages of using robots in industrials

: Because Robots work at fast speeds, products are made in shorter time.

: Because robots are accurate and consistent, consistency and quality of products can be ensured.

: The cost of producing goods are reduced in the long run.

: Workers do not have to be exposed to conditions that are dangerous and harmful to their health Postal Mail Sorting Computers are also used to improve productivity in public services. Postal mail sorting is a good example. 1.Example when the envelopes are put into a computerised machine call CFC (culler-facer-canceller

2. Then it goes to BCS (barcode sorting) machine

3. Then into the DBCS machine The Disadvantages of using robots are:

1.Robots for personal or domestic use have few disadvantages beyond the costs for maintenance. They are very expensive,they make us lazy in our work indeed.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_Disadvantages_of_robots#ixzz1IERp6cyQ How computers are used in airports

1. They can be used to test the amount of air traffic that the airport can handle based on airspace capacities, comparisons of alternative sites and passenger -and-baggage flow patterns. Pulishing in industry is an activity of putting information in to public arena such as newspapers, magazines and books Publishing in industry And it uses Print Studio Barcode Software 2E Computers in Entertainment It is basically involves games, music and digital videos, Games have evolved from simple arcade games to complex simulations. Home of the Future Many household appliances are controlled by embedded mircoprocessors. These are special-purpose computers because the programs in them are written to do specific kinds of work Impact of Computers on Society Repetitive work.
Computers can do repetitive work such as calcutating millions of addictions in one second. In harsh environments.
Computers can work in harsh environments such as 1000m below sea level or on the surface of Mars while human beings cant take such temperature, pressure or speed With no Rest.
Human beings need 1/3 of the days to rest while computers do not need to. Just provide eletrical power and computers will work continuously. Some are even designed such that hard disks can be replaced without stopping the computer. Hard Labour.
It involves carrying or moving heavy objects. Limitations of computer.
Human can react things of the different situation but computers cant Things That human beings are good at doing. Creative work.
People are capable of creative work which requires doing things that are different and new. Pattern Recognition.
Your teacher can read different handwriting of students. Adaptation/Learning. People learn to adapt from an early age. When a baby is hungry, thirsty or wet. What does it do? it cries as it has learnt that by crying, their needs will soon be met. Its for pasting the sticker to the bottle Artificial intelligence.
Is commonly known as AI
AI is used to describe attempts at making machines as intelligent as people Artificial Intelligence SORRY FOR NO VIDEOS
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