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CGVR Completed PhDs

No description

Emma Williamson

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of CGVR Completed PhDs

25 Years of PhDs
Centre for Gender and Violence Research

Dr. Tais Silva (2008) The Medicalisation of Domestic Violence: medical discourses on violence against women and their translation into policies [Brazil]
Dr. Qihua Ye (2008) Exploration of Domestic Violence in China: a focus on psychological behaviour

[School of Philosophy, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China]
Dr. Min-Yu Liao (2011) An examination of the types of services used by women who have experienced domestic violence in Taiwan to deal with the physical, mental and spiritual impact of abuse
Dr. Zabidah Putit (2008) Domestic Violence: refuge provision in Malaysia

[Associate Professor, Head of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University Malaysia Sarawak]
Cristhie Mela: Gender and Child Policy in Chile
Dr. Najat Zummit (2014) Wife Abuse: The Impact Violence has on Women’s Mental Health in Libya
Dr. Nadia Aghtaie (2011)
Perspectives of Iranian students to
violence against women in
Iran and the UK

[Lecturer, University of Bristol]
Dr. LynnMarie Sardinha (2012) Young People’s Attitudes to Domestic Violence and the Role of Schools in Primary Prevention: The Indian Context

[ESRC Future Leader, UoB]
Current full & part-time PhD students in Centre for Gender and Violence Research: (start date):

Cassandra Jones: (2010) [submitted]: Domestic Abuse and Male Victims
Lis Bates (2010): Honor Based Violence
Emily Moreton (2011): Specialist DV services for Lesbian women
Sarah Agarwal (2013): Finding Peace in Peace Building
Donna Clutterbuck (2013): Violence in Young people’s relationship and coercive control
Simon Kerss (2013) [with Anglia Ruskin Uni]: The Three Planet Problem
Andrea Matolcsi (2013): Implementation in England and Wales of Section 53a of the Sexual Offences Act 2003
Atlas Torbati (2013): Attitudes to Violence Against Women in Iranian Diaspora in the UK
Hannah Austin (2014): Gender Violence and the Women's Movement in Wales
Cristhie Mela (2015): Gender and Child Policy in Chile
Dr. Hilary Abrahams (2004)
A long, hard road to go by: a study of the support work carried out in Women's Aid refuges

[Honorary Fellow, UoB]
Dr. Debra Allnock (2015)
Memorable events and emergent change across the life course following childhood sexual abuse

[Lecturer, Univ. of Bedfordshire]
Dr. Alison Gregory [with SSCM] (2015) On the Outside Looking In: The Shared Burden of Domestic Violence

[Research Fellow, UoB]
Dr. Lynn Harne (2004) Violence, power and the meanings of fatherhood in issues of child contact
Dr. Gillian Macdonald (2010)
Domestic violence, children's voices and child contact: exploring Cafcass Section 7 reports

[Lecturer, Bath University]
Dr. Finn Mackay (2014)
The march of Reclaim the Night:
Feminist activism in movement

[Senior Lecturer, U.W.E.]
Dr. Melanie McCarry (2004)
The connection between masculinity and domestic violence: what young people think

[Senior Research Fellow, UCLAN]
Dr. Natasha Mulvihill (2015)
Gender, Power and the making of English Prostitution Policy

[Researcher, UoB]
Dr. Tanya Palmer [with Law] (2011)
Contested Concepts: sex and sexual violation in the criminal law

[Lecturer, Univ. of Sussex]
Dr. Maggie Warwick (2004)
Children, domestic violence and the role of schools: an exploratory study
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