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My Personal GPS: Game Reflection

No description

Hanna Zhang

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of My Personal GPS: Game Reflection

My Personal GPS
Game Reflection
Ever since my avatar began her journey in the game "My Personal GPS" there has been good times like when I complete an activity successfully and earn a key... and there are also bad times when it doesn't work out and I have had to go back and redo it. I like to think of the game like a scaled down version of my life, with everything one faces in the real world; challenges, bumps along the road, and surprises along the way. Acting as my avatar I've had to make some tough decisions that have lead to different outcomes and along the way changed how I played the game throughout the course.
of career development
1) Change is constant.

2) Focus on the journey.

3) Learning is continuous.

4) Team up with others.

5) Follow your heart.
Change is Constant
Change is inevitable and will happen no matter how hard you try and prevent it. You're going to have to change you life plans, or maybe plans you made to finish an assignment. But to deal with it you need to be resilient! To cope with change I can talk to a Guidance Councilor as well as my friends and family. With the type of plan I have in mind I will have to undergo may changes good and bad because of thee development of the education system and medicine in general.
Focus on the Journey
Things in life tend to be extremely chaotic and often times distractions can take your focus off the task at hand. Allowing yourself to be sidetracked when there is work to be done only hurts yourself. Whether it's a neighbor who needs help, or a friend who wants to chat I will have to ignore it or maybe tell them politely that I'm busy because they will understand. Otherwise I will not get what I need done and jeopardize myself and the people I'm working for.
Learning is Continuous
No matter how old you get, no matter where you are in life you are never to stop learning. And it doesn't necessarily have to be classroom learning either! In many of the activities and my day to day life I learned valuable life skills that I can use in not only my educational career, but in my social/personal life and actual career too!
Follow Your Heart
Most times it feels that life is pulling you in a million different directions and they all seem equally important! You have to multitask and sometimes have to sacrifice things or alter plans to make everything work together. I know MANY times in my life and in the game where I've experienced this. I may not be perfect at it but I learn from experience and here are the things I've learned!
Team Up With Others
Working with the others in order to achieve a common goal was really refreshing. In this particular activity I had to sit down with the group and talk about our plan of action. When working with others it's not alright to just go out by yourself doing all the work because that's not teaming up with others, it will make your job harder, and will hurt your team's feelings. Bouncing ideas and interacting with others really does improve the work ethic and you realize things that you didn't notice before that you can help each other to make the project better.
The “High Five” Messages
I learned from the game that when collaborating with others I have to:

take on different roles
value the opinions/views of others
maintain positive relationships with the others
share ideas, information, and resources
ask questions to get the group thinking, and help resolve conflict

Teamwork is important because if almost all career out there you have to be a team player and work well with others.
Babysitting Bob
In this activity I was really overwhelmed with distractions and worries if I was doing the right thing and it took me a couple of tries to get it right but I finally got it! What it took was to focus on one thing at a time and not to become overwhelmed with all that I had to do. I had to think systematically, 1) Give Bob snack, 2) Check TV room, 3) Check Kitchen for safety. This is something that I don't normally do but I realize that it will help in my future for completing all my assignments and task for work because if I just focus on what I'm doing at the moment and not worry about other things then I can get the job done way more efficiently and with better quality.
In this activity I worked on not only the main part of focusing but dealing with the distractions in a polite and proper manner. When people are trying to talk to you can't afford to be distracted as I was in having to finish my Math in time I have to tell them that I'm too busy and cannot talk using tactics such as:
Ignoring (if they are just being silly)
Explaining the situation and asking for some time alone (kinda passive approach and may not be successful/waste more time for you)
Quickly telling them that they can talk about it later (effective, quick, and polite benefits user)
This changed the way I played the game because I often got distracted (as one often does when doing work) while playing not doing my learning properly so I immediately began to be more attentive and focused in the game and my life!
Spring Dance
I believe the situation depicted in this activity is very similar to my life and how I would react to it simply because I want to do EVERYTHING I can possibly squeeze in my day and sometime it may work out and most of the times it won't. From this activity I learned that another good option to use is to compromise. In this activity I may have a Math test to study for and a Spring dance to plan for, but as said in the resource you can't simply drop one thing; you can split up the time and make the necessary changes, in this case meeting up later to study a bit together!
Breakfast Club
Now What?
Initially looking for my History Teacher for a make up test I get sidetracked into doing favors which changed my initial plan. This taught me patience and staying clam in a stressful situation. The path I initially intended to take was changed drastically but that is okay because I stayed calm and took the most helpful course, I asked people, not being afraid to look stupid (I do this right now through email). In the end, through staying on task by asking and continuing to try I found the teacher in time and helped others along the way. This is an important skill because in the workplace/higher level education where I will NOT understand 100% of what is taught, if I don't ask clarifying question I won't know what's going on! Then where would I be? Even more clueless. So I can now say and understand that change is a part of life and to take it in stride, but to get back on track and not be afraid to ask clarifying questions. In the game I start being aware of decisions and how those affect the outcome and changes I face.
Party Planner
In this part of the game I learned that you never stop learning things and that you can get valuable lessons not only from the classroom but from your mistakes as well as the mistakes of others. When Kai accidentally invited all those people over I learned from her mistakes to be careful when using social networking to organize events, but aside from that in the process I learned that you can learn from the mistakes of others to avoid making that mistake yourself!
Prioritize and Organize
In this exercise learned that even if you think you know something someone else is talking about you should still listen up for any important details to enhance you learning and review what you know.
This exercise was a perfect example of this for me because once I discovered that the activity was about IPPs and ePortfolios I immediately though "Yeah, I know about those" and didn't really pay attention and when it got to the evaluation part I didn't have a clue and did not successfully complete it had to redo it. From that point on in the game I constantly was alert, ready for new information; reading EVERYTHING and making sure I understood the content no matter if I already knew a little about the subject. I plan to use this when I work in the real wold to properly learn ALL the time so I don't have to repeat classes/learning.
Epic Quest
In this last phase of the game I experienced lots of change. First the double booking of the DJ then the Taylor Ray Justine prize coming out of no where! These are all changes, and I realized that all changes don't have to be life shattering earth moving differences. As well, people change too. Another thing I noticed was that many of the people I encountered on the quest had changed due to their environment and that may be for better or worse. But if you care about them enough you will try and help the as much as you can! Change may be better or for worse but it is a part of life, you choose whether you want to accept it and take it in stride, if you do you won't be angry and bitter because of it! This is important to be because if I don't keep a positive outlook and be open to change I won't be able to develop my self as a person and will miss out on opportunities.
Team Work
In this exercise I learned that you can't be joined to the hip with your partners and you have to do independent work. But that doesn't mean that you can just do independent work and hand it in because otherwise it wouldn't be group work. You need to TALK, and PLAN out things TOGETHER. ASSIGN RESPONSIBILITIES (according to the groups abilities and talents), and then split up to get the the individual tasks done. Then regroup and talk it out on how to combine the work everyone has done in ONE cohesive project/presentation. Because in the future MOST jobs require teamwork as well as school projects, I'm glad that I know how to work well in a group.
Don't Wait Till You're Parents Get Home
Here I was really conflicted with what to chose to do first because there were so many possible options and order in which to do things. In the process I learned that even with all the information in the world in the end you need to be able to understand it and make informed decisions. Because I myself am a very indecisive person I found this activity very refreshing because it was different that all the other ones in which we just "follow along" so to speak. I believe I can use the confidence I got from here to apply in my future decisions, to just follow my heart and not regret them!
By: Hanna Zhang
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