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Popular Culture

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Sharon Nam

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Popular Culture

Sharon Nam & Carol Chu Popular Culture What is Popular Culture? Television Music Celebrities Travel / Sport Video Games Food Popular culture is determined by
mass media. It is what is deemed as 'popular' and 'unpopular' in society. Our interests as human beings define what popular culture is at the moment, but this changes constantly.
This prezi will explore what pop culture has defined as 'in' and 'out.' - Koh Lipe, Thailand
- Paris, France
- Barcelona
- San Francisco - Adele
- Ryan Gosling
- Channing Tatum
- Emma Watson - COD: Black Ops II - Diablo III
- Halo 4
- Assassin's Creed III
- League Of Legends
- Borderlands 2 - The Big Bang Theory
- The Walking Dead
- How I Met Your Mother
- Reality Entertainment Shows (The
Voice, The XFactor, etc.) - One Direction - Ne-Yo
- Ed Sheeran
- Bruno Mars
- Maroon 5 Books - Harry Potter
- The Mark of Athena
- The Hobbit
- Life of Pi
- Fifty Shades of Grey Electronics - ipod Touch/ iPhone
- Samsung Galaxy S3
- iPad
- MacBook Fashion/Style - Toms
- Combat boots/Doc Martens
- Brand name/Designer clothes (Guess, True Religion)
- Studded sweaters, shirts, tanks, etc. Magazines - Cosmopolitan
- Seventeen
- Vogue WHAT IS OUT? WHAT IS IN? Clothing The X Factor is a show that represents pop culture in television. It has many commercial products associated with it such as Samsung smartphones and tablets. Also, The X Factor has become an international sensation with shows in countries such as Albania, Armenia, Australia, Belgium, and many others. - Frozen yogurt (frozen yogurt: Tutti Frutti, Yogen Fruz, Pink Berry)
- Chinese cuisine
- Italian cuisine
- Cake Pops - Edwardian fashion
- Double-breasted jackets, blazers, etc
- Pastels
- Prints
- Peplum One Direction has become an international sensation after their birth on The X Factor UK. They have fans all over the world, and are now in The X Factor's Pepsi commercial. Also, it doesn't hurt their popularity that many girls and guys alike think they are overly attractive. Paris, France is a really popular travel destination. People from around the world visit Paris everyday; everything about the city attracts tourists, the history, culture, art, fashion, food, and so much more. is a popular icon because of her role as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. She has fans from all around the world in so many countries. Watson however, is also starring in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and has also been the face for Burberry. COD: Black Ops II is such a widely popular video game. It is played in countries such as Europe, Australia, and Japan. Its fame not diminishing anytime soon. Italian cuisine is an extremely popular food all around the world, as it appeals to most. Daily, people everywhere are having pizza, spaghetti, or any other delicious Italian dish. To what extent is pop culture affected by forms of media and communication technologies?

Pop culture is highly affected by forms of media and communication technologies. The definition of pop culture is defined by mass media itself. It is affected by celebrities, fashion, television shows, sports and many other aspects that were covered in this presentation. Media covers pop culture and decides what is defined as ‘cool’ and ‘uncool’. The amount of coverage something gets affects how society perceives it. Communication technologies such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube, radio and the news is what allows people to share what the latest trends are. For example, Gangnam style exploded in interest on YouTube, gaining over a billion views, and it now a part of the ‘in’ list in pop culture. To what extent is individual identity affected by pop culture?

Individual identity is also highly affected by pop culture. We live in an era where humans always want to fit and be perceived as ‘cool.’ This implies mostly to teens who are still shaping their identity and want to be counted as socially acceptable. Pop culture shapes our individual identity to fit societal values. They see what the media defines as ‘in’ or ‘out’ and shape our identity to keep up with the latest trends. What the media deems 'out', we deem as 'out'. For example, some teens may watch the latest ‘hot’ television shows to fit in. Where in the world has the greatest influence on global pop culture? Provide three reasons and explain?

The United States of America has the greatest influence on global pop culture, because of the great influence is has in our world, as a superpower. English is a dominant language and is used in science, entertainment and many other aspects of life. It is the language spoken in America, which makes it more reachable and understandable. The American music and media industry is the largest in the world, and has a large fan base overseas as well. American movies (Disney, Pixar among many others) are viewed with dubs or subs around the world. Huge American transnational companies such as Walmart, McDonalds and Nestle have been successful at dominating foreign economies, which add to the power that Ameirca has. With power comes influence and with influence comes popularity. As a result, America has the greatest influence on global pop culture. Television Video Games Fashion/Style Music Food Clothing Travel/Sport Books Magazines Celebrities Electronics Harry Potter is famous all over the world; with over 450 million copies made in over 65 languages. Also, after a partnership with experience. Harry Potter is now more readily available through the use of the internet. The iPhone 5 or the iPhones in general, are extremely popular and used world-wide. It is also constantly being upgraded and evolving. The iPhone 5 recently just came out in September of 2012, and already there are news of the development of the iOS7 (iPhone 6). Prints have become a popular culture. It's a fashion that has become exceedingly trendy. With models on the runway, flaunting different prints, and stores everywhere, are selling jeans, shirts, cardigans, etc in colourful, creative prints. Studded clothing is a popular taste in clothing these days, among teens and adults alike. They can be seen worn in countries such as the USA, Australia, and the UK. It may also be so trendy because many celebrities are seen sporting fashion forward, studded clothing. "Vogue Magazine" is popular in foreign countries other than Canada and the USA. It focuses on fashion, makeup, beauty, health, entertainment, and the arts. The Magazine is also referred to as, the, or a "fashion bible". Webkinz were a sensation to children and teens alike, as it allowed them to connect with their purchased stuffed animal to a personal level. It is now out, with sales dropping 41% in 2011. There were many glitches in the Webkinz world, and free online games were a threat, as a doll did not have to be purchased for similar gaming. In 2009, pop sensation Justin Bieber made his debut with 'One Time.' Although it did not reach number 1 in the charts, it was very popular and overplayed. This song is now 'out' as Justin Bieber has released many more singles and greater hits. Also, with his voice change through puberty, many fans prefer to listen to the 'new' Justin Bieber. Fruit By the Foot was the king of lunch box snacks, with many flavours that could satisfy most children. However, with many blogs and websites deeming the snack as 'unhealthy' and the sues against the product for it's lack of real fruit, the snack lost a lot of customers and its popularity dropped significantly. Bright neon styles were 'in' in popular culture in the 1980's. With trends changing and neutral colours dominating the market right now, most neon clothing are considered 'tacky' and 'unwearable.' Aeropostale was once a very popular clothing brand. It was the cheaper version of Abercrombie and Hollister, which made it very appealing to consumers. Now the logo on every shirt is seen as 'tacky' and the hype from the new store died down fast. National Geographic is a well known channel on television, but it was also a popular magazine as well. Kids are getting less and less interested in nature these days. With electronics taking over the world, magazines involving nature is not appealing to most of the new generation. Robert Pattinson was a teen sensation with huge media coverage and fans all over the world. However, with the series 'The Twilight Saga' finished and no major movies in progress, he is getting less and less interest. Also, there are new movies such as the Hunger Games that is stealing the spotlight away from this actor. Big Hair Feather Hair
Extensions Crocs Booby Bracelets High Ponytails Gameboy Club Penguin Neopets Hannah Montana was a widely successful television show, but is now 'out' in pop culture. With main star Miley Cyrus leaving Disney and the lack of new episodes, the show has been replaced by other new shows. Jersey
Shore Sabrina the
Teenage Witch Dr.Oz Dear dumb diary was a sensation in the past winning the interest of many teens. The trends in the book world is always changing and the popularity did not last. The book has gone from being 'funny' to 'corny.' The Clique
Series Diary of a
Wimpy Kid Geronimo Stilton Raw Noodles Jello Cups Cheese
Strings Hilary Duff Paris Hilton Avril Lavigne Rebecca Black Lacrosse is one of the national sports of Canada, but it is not well known by many people. It is rare to see Lacrosse being aired on television and there is barely any media attention. Egypt was once a very popular tourism site, most famous for its pyramids and ancient buildings. However, the tourism rate has dropped significantly, because of the violence that was cause by the political issues. Water Polo Turtleneck Sweaters Disco style Bell Bottom
Pants Friday - Rebbeca Black Tic Toc - Ke$ha Rolling Stone
Magazine Hello
Magazine Time
Magazine Nokia phones were very popular in the past and had a huge lead over any other company in the cell phone industry. In 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone. With a touchscreen and advanced technologies such as apps, consumers reached for the more advanced phone. Walkie Talkie Walkman Tomagotchi Sony, there is now eBooks available on Pottermore; a website that gives Harry Potter fans a whole new reading Emma Watson
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