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Did Life Get Better For the Poor, 1509-1745?

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Annabelle Clerk

on 20 April 2016

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Transcript of Did Life Get Better For the Poor, 1509-1745?

Did Life Get Better For the Poor, 1509-1745?
, under the rule of King Henry VIII, the dissolution of monasteries began. At the time, monasteries had been providing for the poor. This meant that when they were ordered to close, poor people were back to being whipped. Even in the midst of charities being provided, poor people still got punished.
Poor people were sentenced to death in
; if you didn't have a job. This showed that life wasn't easy for them, although the
Vagabonds Act
was passed.
You could say that the tolerance of poor people had improved, because they were better treated. However that didn't stop them from still being

Act for Relief of Poor
: parishes look after the poor. In a workhouse, if you are able, you are expected to work. Idle would be punished. This proves lucky for able but extremely unlucky for the unable.

Fast forward a few years (to

), the

Workhouse Test Act

is passed.
will can afford to build their own workhouses. This provides more jobs and accommodation for the poor, since criminals etc sleep in one dorm then workers have another dorm.
Did Life Get Better, 1509-17?
In our group of three, we studied whether life got better for the poor. Treatment of poor people could change our views on if life generally got better over the years.
Life Get Better For the Poor?
As you can see, this engraving of
Mr and Mrs Goodchild
- the more fortunate people do not appear to be oppressing the beggars or acting hostile towards them. This leads us to the conclusion that...
As a group, we believe that things
did get better
for the poor, because the poor were generally tolerated more during later monarchs' reign. We believe this, as at first they were whipped and treated as slaves, however, by
people who were unable to earn
were given money. This shows
gradual improvement
- just because it got better doesn't mean life for them was excellent by the end of the period.
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