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Organizational Culture Presentation

A day in the life of Baker Book House...

Amanda Kusneske

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Organizational Culture Presentation

Overview of Baker Book House History of Baker Baker Book House Our Products Established in 1939
Herman Baker opened store with personal library
Store expanded and moved in 1980
Mainstream Christian Books
Fiction and non-fiction titles
Academic books
Used Books
Gifts and Music A division of Baker Publishing Group
Baker Publishing owns other publishing
companies- Revell, Brazos, Chosen to name a few
Mission Statement
Distinctly Christian

Classical Management
Female leadership
Information-Transfer Model

Slice One

Artifact: Amazon Challenge
Values: Importance of local churces, maintain relations with Baker
Assumptions: Churches want to partner with us; we both rely on each other

Schein's Onion Model Slice Two

Artifact: Summer Reading Program
Values: Reading is important at any age,
connections with community
Assumptions: Reading is significant in
the life of a child, building lives together

Slice Three

Artifact: Staff Picks
Values: Creativity and opinions of employees
Assumptions: Employees should be reading,
recommending product to customers Slice Four

Artifact: Blogs
Values: Conections, innovation
Assumptions: Necessary to adapt
and expand forms of communication,
Customers want convieniency Critique of Baker Baker is having a positive impact
Sales are up, even with struggling economy
Every day, new connections are made Tension between creativity and constraint
Implement Transactional-Process
Develop clear, specific goals
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