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Work Based Project Assignment

Your Project...

Holly Rigby

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Work Based Project Assignment

Be able to plan and carry out a project during a sports based work experience Planning Choosing your project Identify your aims and Objectives Choose a date and venue Define your target market Identify resources required Health and Safety Issues Advertising and marketing The project must be planned and presented
It can be creative or problem solving
It must have a sports focus
It can be a 'one-off' activity

It should have:
Aims and Objecives
A start and finish time
Be planned
A safe venue
Examples maybe:
Football - 5-a-side tournament
Badminton - Round robin Competition
A fitness session
A survey

In pairs - name 3 more possible projects
Choose 1 - what are the benfits of this project to you, the participants and the facility You need to identify your aims and objectives and what you would like to achieve
Your 'Aim' can then be broken down into objectives (e.g. smaller goals)
e.g. you 'aim' might be to orgnaise a tournament, your objectives maybe:
1) to have fun
2) to promote teamwork
3) to understand the rules of football What do you need to prepare?
a poster?
a leaflet?
a lesson plan?
a survey? Who is the project for?
Pupils aged 8-9
Pupils aged 11-12
All customers? What equipment will you need?
What health and safety factors need to be considered?
You will need a 'contingency plan'
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