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worldview introduction

What's it all about?

Colin Ward

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of worldview introduction

What is worldview?
It is a collection of values and beliefs about life and the universe that is common to a group of people.
Values: A moral standard or principle of behavior of a person or group; a personal or group judgment as to what is important or valuable in life.
Beliefs: something accepted as true.
Western Worldview
The values and beliefs about the world held by societies that developed out of western Europe
Priorities found in the Western Worldview
Individuality-Equality-Democracy-Rights-Freedoms-Families-Education-Wealth is good-Social Status is important-Humans are superior to all other life forms-Time is important and measured-Science explains the world and makes it better
Values and Beleifs
Political &
Ideas and
Societal Factors Affecting Worldview
Societal Factors Affected by Worldview
Beliefs and Values
What a group knows: the scientific, intellectual, technological, artistic,
and spiritual knowledge of the times; the common understandings
a group has, based on shared history
Where a group lives: the climate, land formations, plants and animals, bodies of water, and natural resources
Who a group comes into contact with; contact and interactions
between societies and between different groups in a society
Political: Relates to the way government is organized,
the role of citizens in the government,
and the rights given to individuals and groups.
Economics relates to the method by which people produce
and distribute the goods and services they need.
The organizations and relationships among people such as the types of education, medical, and social services a society provides.
The way of life of a group of people, including language, rules of behaviour, spirituality, arts, literature, sciences, traditions, and other everyday aspects of life that we can observe
How might the life and worldview of Leonardo Da Vinci been
different than yours? How might it have been the same?
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