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Middle School Open House 2013-14

No description

Andrea Buffara

on 24 July 2017

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Transcript of Middle School Open House 2013-14

Input 1:School
Input 2:Parents
Middle School Goals:
Offer a rigorous academic program to prepare students for the transition to high school
Growth beyond the classroom via extra-curricular and co-curricular activities
Responsible citizenship through community and service
Encourage excellence in all that students do.
Vision: Escola American motivates engaged learners to become independent critical thinkers in a multicultural community
Integrity and Respect
Leadership and Community
Optimism and Compassion
Commitment to Learning
Well balanced curriculum: new Envision Math and emphasis on writing
MAP Testing
Via Sapientia
Counseling and Student Support Services (Resource, ESL, Advisory, Nurse)
Passionate Teachers
NAIS 20/20 Challenge (Digitial Divide/Poverty)
Math Counts, STUCO, Drama Peer Counseling, DI, Adventure Club, Athletics
Healthy lunch and snacks in cafeteria and snack shack
Keep up communication via Edmodo, Powerschool, Extra Edition, E-mail, Parent/ Teacher Conferences
Join PTA
Read the MS Handbook on our website
Suppport Disciplinary Measures Taken by the School (Late Work&Tardy Policy)
Make sure Students Come to School on Time
Don't miss school unnecessarily


Love AWay Video- Produced by Ryan Sagare
Escola Americana inspires students to become global citizens and lifelong learners by challenging them to develop their potential and realize their dreams.
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