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MASTER COPY -New Student Orientation - Discover Yourself

No description

on 29 June 2016

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Transcript of MASTER COPY -New Student Orientation - Discover Yourself

Health Insurance Waiver
View Your Schedule
Register for classes
Calculate your bill
View final grades
View Adviser
Sign up for mobile alert
And Much More!

Human Bingo
Introduction to NECC
Small Group Discussions
Get your ID!
When do classes begin?
a. Today
b. Wednesday, September 2
c. Monday, September 7
d. Wednesday, September 9
Where are the campuses of NECC located?
a. Methuen & Haverhill
b. Haverhill & Lawrence
c. Lawrence & Andover
d. Amesbury & Newburyport
What can I do for fun?
a. Start a club
b. Play pool
c. Dance
d. Write for the Student Newspaper
e. All of the above
What are some free resources for NECC students?
NECC Information
Lawrence Campus Buildings:
For directions go online:
Pay attention to the day of the week as well.
Places to Eat On Campus
M = Monday
W = Wednesday
F = Friday

T = Tuesday
R = Thursday
TR = Tuesday & Thursday
Haverhill Bookstore
Before Classes Start!
Things you need to know
NECC Portal
Student ID #
Your Birthday in
Student Health Insurance Waiver
Calculate your bill
Sign up for mobile alert
And Much More!
Student Email Account
You will automatically receive an NECC student email account upon registration.
Email Address: 01234567@student.necc.edu
Password: Same as your MyNECC password
Student Email Account Tips
1. Check your email at least once a week

2. Forward your NECC email to your personal email account

3. Connect your email to your smartphone for quick and easy email accessibility

4. Log into NECC account to delete old emails and check for attachments

5. Faculty and staff prefer (often require) messages from your NECC account
Email Etiquette
Spell check
Full sentences
No text lingo
Understand faculty & staff response time
Most leave around 5pm
Ask your professor
From: sjackal
Sent: 5/30/2008 2:56 AM
To: Brown, Dina
Subject: Resume etc.

Yo Dina,
Waz up with you? Alls good here. What’d I miss today? Sorry. so im done my cover letter and added one more thing to my resume. I appreciate you guys looking at it and letting me know how it is.

thanks. TTYL.
Syllabus Review
Where is the professors office located?
a. Page 5, Room D195
b. Page 1, Room D125
c. Page 1, Room D117
d. Page 3, Room C110
What is the attendance policy for this course?
a. Mandatory. If late, don't bother coming!

b. Mandatory. Attend class on time. If late (3 or more times) you are considered absent.

c. This is a hybrid class, meaning you have the optional lecture, and everything else is online.

d. It is up to you, you are a college student paying for this class. You can come when you want.
When is your final exam?
a. December 16th
b. December 13th
c. November 22nd
d. December 9th
e. No final
On what page can the grading system be found?
a. Page 1
b. Page 4
c. Page 6
d. Page 10
What is the name of the professor and the name of this course?
a. Dina Brown - Sport & Fitness Center
b. Shelley Gaskin - Microsoft Office
c. Shelly Gaskin - Sport & Fitness Center
d. Dina Brown - Computer Applications
Syllabus Review
Contact information

When & how the instructor likes to be contacted
Office hours

When (and if) the instructor is available
Course Requirements
Are there responsibilities outside the classroom?
Is there a service learning component?
Other requirements?
Grading System
What do you need to do to get an "A"?
Learning Modules
What is being covered each week?
When are your assignments due?
Time Management
Helpful Tips

Write down your schedule
Mark deadlines for tests & assignments
Attend Time Management Workshops

1 hour in class = 2 hours of study time

4 classes a week = 12 hours in class

12 hours X 2 hours of study time =
24 hours of study time per week
NECC Expectations
Beware of the Three D's
Please refer to the NECC Student Code of Conduct for all of the NECC Policies and Procedures. It is your right and responsibility to know.
Smoking Policy for NECC
The only place that faculty, staff, and students can smoke is in their personal vehicles
Public Safety at NECC
Public Safety is available on both campuses

Always report suspicious activities to Public Safety

Public Safety offers an escort service to your vehicle if you do not wish to walk alone
Reporting Sexual Violence on Campus
If you witness, or are a victim of the following:

Sexual Assault
Domestic Violence
Dating Violence

Report the incident as soon as possible to Public Safety at 978-556-3333 and the College's Title IX Coordinator/Affirmative Action Officer at 978-556-3956.
Fall 2015 Parking Policy
New parking sticker for each semester enrolled:
Fall, Spring, & Summer
You can purchase a parking sticker 24 hours after registering for classes
Pay with card/checking account online
Pay with cash
Career Planning & Advising Center (CPAC)
Available on the Haverhill and Lawrence Campuses
They offer:
Academic and Career Advising
Transfer Advising
Assistance with DegreeWorks - Developing your academic plan
Job Placement Assistance
Walk-in Advising
College & Career Readiness Workshops
and open to all students
Workshops consist of:
Study Skills
Professionalism in the Workplace
Goal Setting, etc.
Registration is easy and online through NECClink
Start thinking about your career and job search!
Use NECClink to:
View and apply to local & nation-wide job opportunities
Create resumes, cover letters, and portfolios
Register for career workshops, employer information sessions and career fairs
Go on our website and sign up!
Tutoring Center
Provides Instructional Support:
Tutoring by faculty & peers
College-level writing
College-level math
Study groups
Academic & study skills workshops

Provides Walk-in Support
Go in with your assignment in hand
Prepare questions & homework in advance
Learning Accommodations
Assist students with documented accommodation needs
They offer:
Assistive Technology
Special Software
Devices, etc.
Classroom & environmental modifications
Interpreting for students who are deaf & hard of hearing
Counseling Services
Services are free, confidential, and available to all students on both the Haverhill and Lawrence campuses.
Some services that are available are:
Adjustment to College
Alcohol and Drugs
Coping with Grief or Loss
Abuse Issues/Sexual Assault
Other Concerns
Getting Involved on Campus!
There are over 26 clubs and organizations at NECC:

Parnassus Literary Magazine
Dance Club
American Sign Language Club
Criminal Justice Club
Bacon Boardgamers
And More!

Fill out the club handout in your folder and we can get you in touch with the club of your choice!

Complete information and list are available the
Student Engagement Center website.

Student Leadership Development Program
This program gives you an opportunity to develop skills that can can be used both inside and outside the classroom.
Workshops include:
Time Management
Speaking Skills
Goal Setting
Plus Many More!
Find us on Facebook, at NECCEngage. You can follow events, watch videos from events, and find out about contests!
NECC offers the following varsity teams:
Track & Field
Cross Country
Track & Field
Cross Country

Tryouts are available for students taking 12 credits or more.
Recreation & Intramurals
Various trips are offered throughout the academic year:
Snow Tubing
Ski Trips
Monkey Trunks
White Water Rafting
Blue Man Group
Red Sox, Bruins, or Celtics games

Recreation Activities Include:
Pool Tables
Ping Pong
Flag Football
And Much More!
Working Out at NECC
Haverhill Campus
The Wellness & Fitness Center is located in the Sports & Fitness Center on the Haverhill Campus. It is
to use with a valid
NECC Student ID
Cardio Equipment
Free Weights
Student Personal Trainers (Fee)
The center also offers Group Exercise Classes and Motivational Programs.
Working Out at NECC
Lawrence Campus
In Lawrence, students can use the Lawrence YMCA for

Stop by the Lawrence Student Engagement Center with your
valid student ID
and your
current class schedule
, to fill out paperwork and receive your voucher.
Paying for College
The first step is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) online
It's FREE!
*May 1st was the priority deadline
Request a PIN online
The PIN is required to electronically "sign" the FASFA
You must complete the FASFA every year!
Types of Financial Aid
There are four types of financial aid:

1. Grants - FREE MONEY
Money does not need to be paid back

2. Scholarships - FREE MONEY
You can apply for them through the college and external sites

3. Work Study - Earned Money
You can work in select departments and earn money bi-weekly while attending school

4. Loans - Must Pay Back
Borrow money for your education and must pay it back
You must be enrolled in 6 credits or more

Not all students will qualify, but ALL are encouraged to apply.
Things to Think About
How will I pay for:

My Books
Supplies (notebooks, uniforms, etc.)
Childcare Expenses
Health Insurance
Other Personal Expenses
Book Vouchers
Students that have a Financial Aid award

Students whose award is greater than their tuition and fees

10 days before the start of classes
(August 31st)
, and during the first week of each class term

How Will You Know:
Email from Financial Aid
Check your Self-Service
Paying Your Bill
- NECC does
send out
paper bills

Check your student email account

Make sure we have a valid telephone number so you can receive reminder calls for when your bill is due

Full payments were due
Monday, August 10th, 2015
Now payment is due upon registration
Late registration - charged $100
Missing Paperwork
Accept/Decline awards
Next Steps...
Small Groups
Complete evaluation
Take a tour
Get your student ID
a. Lawrence YMCA Access
b. Career advising
c. Student festivals
d. NECC shuttle
e. All of the Above
Which can't you find on MYNECC?
a. Schedule
b. Bill
c. Syllabus for Class
d. Financial Aid
e. Advisor
ing the best

How does NECC prepare you
for a career?
a. Mock interviewing
b. Exclusive online job portal access
c. Write resume for you
d. Go to interviews for you
e. A&B

Jitters Cafe
Lawrence - Places to Eat
Napolitana's Pizzeria
$8.50 per semester
Know Your Schedule

Knight's Table
NECC will send a link to your student email this fall, with a mandatory program that is required to be completed regarding this matter.
In which buildings are the
Student Engagement Center located?
a. D-Building & Dimitry Building
b. C-Building & El-Hefni
c. Student Center & 420 Common St.
d. Tech Center & Dimitry Building
Which statement is true about email?
a. Understand response time from faculty and staff
b. Start Emails with "Waz up" no matter what
c. Link your email to your phone for easy access
d. Always email from your personal account
e. A&C
Which Financial Aid do you have to pay back?
a. Scholarships
b. Grants
c. Work Study
d. Loans
L: Dimitry Building (Franklin Street)

LA: Louise Haffner Fournier Education Center (Amesbury Street)

LC: Dr Ibrahim El-Hefni Allied Health & Technology Center

LH: 420 Common Street

LIH: iHealth

LRW: Riverwalk

You need an NECC Parking Pass to park EVERYWHERE
on both NECC campus's.
a. True
b. False
How well do you
know NECC?
What is NECC's Mascot?
a. A Spartan
b. A Pirate
c. A Knight
d. A Patriot
e. We have a Mascot?
Where on the Haverhill campus can I pick up the Shuttle and the MVRTA Bus?
a. Outside the Sport & Fitness Center
b. Outside the Library
c. Outside the C-Building
d. Outside the B & E Building
e. Outside the Student Center
Where can I find a Public Safety Officer on the Lawrence campus while classes are in session?
a. Dimitry Building
b. 420 Common Street building
c. All of the buildings
d. None of the buildings
View Your Schedule
Register for classes (when eligible)
View final grades
View who your advisor is
I can pay my bill
online at MYNECC
a. True
b. False
When is your bill due for Fall 2015 Classes?
a. September 9th
b. August 31st
c. August 12th
d. September 1st
Where can you pay your bill?
a. Online
c. At the Bursar office
d. A&C
Starfish Early Success
All student’s academic progress tracked
Get feedback from professors throughout entire semester
Kudos and Flags
Provides resources

Dimitry Building Atrium
420 Common Street
C-building Lobby
D-building Lobby
Student Center, 2nd floor
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