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blake 003087

on 26 March 2014

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Why is water so important?
Water is important to use so we don’t get dehydrated when it is a hot day but if we didn’t have our daily water we would eventually die and this would be sad for their children

Pic 1
All of these pictures are near water or have been hit by water these people have probably got no food or water. And for pic 1 they have been stranded and they have no food or water if they were to get water they would need. A hand pump witch would go it to the sand and pump water out.
Pic 2 These people have just been hit by water. And they are now cleaning up all the mess and they should have some tool with them. So if there is something sharp they won’t cut them self. These people need to be careful because if there is a hole in the road or a ditch they could fall in.
Pic 3
These people have to go to this pound to get water. Even though this water is bad for them they still drink it because they believe it will keep them alive. So of the kids play in it and people even go to the toilet in this pound. So of them clean their clothes in this pound also.

Why is water so important?
Water is important, because say if you hadn’t hade water for days know a friend could help you get some or they could go out and get some for you if you don’t have any strength.

Soc/ cul
Pic 1
So women go down to try a find a pound together so that they can help one another. It looks like they would have not a lot of water because they are like in a desert kind of area. There is a house at the back and it looks unwell it look like there is someone living in it but it looks like they are struggling.
Pic 2
These people all get together and the kids go for a swim while their mum and dad wash their clothes. But the water is not really nice people have done number 1 and 2s in there witch is not really nice. And that means that there mum and dad have been washing there clothes in dirty water
Pic 3

These people can only be social with their family and maybe if they have any animals. This would be hard for them for a long time because they will not be able to see any of their friends.
Why is water so important?
Water and food is pretty expensive say if you were going to buy milk it would cost near $4.50 so our world for food and water is pretty expensive and that’s why there are a lot of homeless people.

Pic 1
Our world today is running behind on cost and people are becoming broke. And that’s because of our water and food that no one can afford. This is because of how many people do not get payed the right amount for work. And some people wast there money on crap like junk that we don’t need.
Pic 2
We are running out of food because we need crops for our farming so we get food. But so far this year we haven’t had much rain and that also why we are running out of food and water. And we need water for the farmers animals like cattle.
Pic 3
These woman are very strong because even though they don’t have any money they go for walk about 3 times a week and they walk about 3k and this would be really hard. And by the time they get back they would have had done about 6ks and they would have probably stop to have a drink.


In conclusion this would have had been very hard for every ones lives like Eco, Soc, Cul, Env for keeping everything in order

these are some pictures that i have wrote about
these photos are going to be based on Env,Soc/Cul,Eco.
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