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East Africa

No description

Caleb Morton

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of East Africa

East Africa
by Caleb geography popular culture goverment traditional people Multiparty's of
goverment people are still having problems
finding food and money cause of
people taking the money and not
finding food for people to eat. they are people that
work on feilds most
of the women work in
coffe feilds in kenya men
also do to. visit Yes I would like to visit because I could find out what type of sports
they play or even if they play any. I think it would
be a life changing moment that I would enjoy alot.
also I would like to try some of the food they make
at their house. Also I would like to be apart of the
water crisis with the polution in the water. Most
kids even bath in that water and are getting very sick with diseases also the same with the dieing adults. I
think it would make me feel better knowing that I
would be saving peoples lifes for a good cause. Countries in the region: east africa, tanzania,
location:between 50degrees east and 20
degrees east.
landforms: forest's,some sandy aeras,water,
but mostly green.
climate: very hot on land and on the moutains cold and
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