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Pre - While - Post Reading: Exploring Opportunities

This presentation explores on how we can better facilitate our students' reading experience as it integrates to other language and life skills. Based on Robb, Laura. (2000). Teaching Reading in Middle School. USA: Scholastic Inc.

Profe Mauro

on 17 August 2011

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Transcript of Pre - While - Post Reading: Exploring Opportunities

Learning How to Read in EFL After Reading Pre Reading While Reading Based Laura Robbs' Ideas on "Teaching Reading in Middle School" Conclusion is here is important is important too is important zoom in, ant add details to these Frames Construct meaning by using past knowledge & experiences
Activate, assess and enlarge knowledge before starting to read
Brainstorm / Cluster / Categorize
Scaffold language items & ideas
Pose factual and open questions
Return to clustering Self Monitoring
Thinking vocabulary
Modeling: Tough words
Confusing passage
Recall & reflect
Tackle unanswered questions
Pause / Re-tell / Read on
Predict & Support / Check logs What to do when context clues are not enough?
Why can't dictionaries be all that useful? So which strategies will you apply? Use of Prediction Logs
Visualizing & Writing
Connecting senses
Book Talk
Explore implied meaning
Interpret characters' dialogs
Exploring themes
Inference Game
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