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Project 18

Influencing youth to influence the world.

Adam Gilbert

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Project 18

Positive sense of self
Effective decision-making skills
Pro-social connectedness
Moral system of belief
Project 18
Parents/Families & Pre-elementary aged kids
Changing the first 18 years of kids lives, so they can change the world.
Parenting classes & seminars
Workshops for the whole family
Quarterly service / mission projects
Mentor younger program members
Monthly outreach events
Mom's Day Out
Toddler room care
Mom's Groups
Parent Coaching
Kids in Elementary School
Sunday Fun-day
Vacation Bible School - summer camp
SMashBox camps
SMashBox Saturdays Outreach
Sparks - after school faith formation
Middle Schoolers
High Schoolers
Experiential/Outdoor courses ramp up
Sunday Dinners
Discipleship courses
Quarterly service / mission project
Friday Night Lights - football outreach
Youth to Youth mentors
Adult mentor assigned or chosen
Wilderness leadership retreats / trips
Summit - worship service
Experiential & Outdoor Leadership Development courses begin
High school mentors assigned
Elementary school buddies assigned
Quarterly Service/Mission Projects
Monthly Outreach Event
Weekly Discipleship Studies
Sunday Fun-day ft. Fun faith
Experiential & Outdoor
Leadership & Education
Teaching naturally outside & hands on
Total experiential learning
Large variety of available courses
All courses will have a leadership component
Local wilderness utilized in all lessons
Certifications will be earned
College credit will be offered (CMC partnership)
Experiences will be shared
Lives will be changed
Sample Course List
•Backpacking: search for searching's sake
•Avalanche cert.*: snowball effect – one wrong leads to many
•Canyoneering*: ups & downs of life – What is your lifeline?
•Mtn. Biking: arriving safely at your Destiny-ation
•Rock Climbing*: solid foundation, trust
•Rafting: community, communication and teamwork
•Ski/Board: your individual creative life
•XC Ski / Snowshoe: trail conditions – audacious actions
•Wilderness First Responder*: do good, feel good
•Yoga*: find your peace
•Mtn. Orientation*: follow your spiritual inner compass
•Swift H20 Rescue*: new life revival
•Sailing: charting your course
•High and Low Ropes Course*: discerning your gifts and calling
•Paint ball challange: the armor you'll need to survive teen warfare

*Courses with asterisk may provide college credit, outdoor guide certification, or both.
Imagine the Ideal High School Graduate
How do we get there?
Year-round outdoor education
Mentoring programs
Faith formation
Community service projects
Board of directors involvement
Values based leadership training
Leave no trace on the environment
Leave a trace on society
*categories from - Vision.org Summer 2010 Issue
We create experiences for kids to lead extraordinary lives!
parents sometimes get a bad rap
project 18 is here to help
Why outdoor education?

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up to $10,000 available in 2016
We are putting our money where are mouth is with scholarships available to any program participants that apply and are chosen by the scholarship committee. Up to $10,000 will be dispersed annually to some or all of those that apply.

Come for the awesome fun and stay for future you deserve!
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