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Mark Twain's Hannibal

No description

Ali Zilahy

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Mark Twain's Hannibal

Hannibal, MO: Shaping
The Life of Samuel Clemens
Since 1839 The Start of Samuel Clemens - 1835: Samuel Langehorn Clemens was born on November, 30th, in Florida, MO, when Halley's Comet was in the sky (Twain's Life and Works)
- 1839: The Clemens' family moved to Hannibal, MO where his father operated a general store (Twain's Life and Works)
- 1844: Sam, his parents, and his siblings (that were still living) moved to Twain's childhood home (Twain's Life and Works) Hannibal Shapes the Young Samuel Clemens
- while his family remained unaffiliated with all of the church-goers in Hannibal (at least of a little while) Marshall, his father, would read poetry to the family, giving Sam a "shrews ear for bad poetry." (Powers 23)
- He and his mother use to harass each other. He would but animals in her sewing basket and she would tell him stories of grotesque indian attacks on her mother's people, and the fictitious stereotype of "savage" native americans was one of the "racial prejudice that Mark Twain could never shake off." (Powers 24)
The Start of His Writing Career Begins in Hannibal - Samuel left school and took work at the local paper, the Hannibal Courier as a printer's apprentice, after his father died, all of the children had to work to support the family. (Burket)
- In exchange for learning the newspaper trade, he fetched water, worked the press, set type, and delivered papers. (Burket)
- In 1853 Samuel wrote stories based on Hannibal and sent them to big city publications and several of them were published. Soon after, he left Hannibal. ( Burket) Samuel Clemens's boy-hood home
In Hannibal, Mo.

http://marktwainsnewyork.com/links How His Experience in Hannibal Shaped him as a Writer - When he would leave his house to escape from all the chaos, he learned how to read, and he became really passionate about it. (Powers 24 -27)
- When he worked at the Courier, he learned the way of newspaper trade and he worked with the press, so sort of learned what it was like to work with writing. (Burket)
- His mother had told him gory stories about the stereotypical, savage native americans, and it was a subject that he could never really shake off, and he used it in his writing. (Powers 24) Hannibal Courier Post

http://www.marktwainmuseum.org/shop/proddetail.php?prod=HCP-1910 - August 17th, 1839, his sister Margaret Died of yellow fever
- Marshall's buisnesses brought in very little revenue. (Powers 21)
-He enforced discipline among the Clemens children, mostly fueled by his uncontrollable rage
- He would read bad poetry to the family in an "inflectionless voice." (Powers 23)
- Jane, Sam's mother, and Samuel would harass each ther jokingly (Powers 24)
- In May, 1842, Sam's bother, Benjamin died (Powers 28)
- In 1847, Marshall died (Burket) Incorporation of his Boyhood Experiences into his Writing About Hannibal, MO.

http://www.twainquotes.com/Hannibal_Missouri.html - When Samuel was a boy, he spent the summers on his uncle's farm, who had 15-20 slaves, and one of the slaves, Uncle Dan'l, may have been the inspiration for the character, Jim, in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. (Burket)
- His teacher, Ms. Newcomb, who taught him how to read, was the model of Mrs. Bangs in his unfinished manuscript of an Autobiography of a Damned Fool. She was also the model for Ms. Watson in Tom Sawyer. (Powers 25-26) Two Twain Classics: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.

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http://www.biography.com/people/mark-twain-9512564 How did the town of Hannibal, MO shape Samuel Clemens as a child? What central experiences in his boyhood shaped him? What was his family life like? How did he incorporate aspects of his boyhood into his writing? Central Questions: - Samuel would always escape from their crazy household and in doing this he started learning how to read. (Powers 24)- Sammy hated school, and he had finished his "formal" education at age 12. (Powers 26)- Reading became life changing for him, it was almost like it was keeping him alive. ( Powers 27) Sammy's Escape Into Another World Family Life
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