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George wilson and Adam morgan

No description

lib hist

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of George wilson and Adam morgan

Medal of Honor
The medal of honor is the most prestigous award given in the military. Over 3400 men and 1 woman have won this unprecidented award. Even 2 presidents have won the award.
Salvatore Giunta
Salvatores squad was ambushed by the enemy one day. He was charging through enemy fire to get to his wounded friend. He helped him get to relative safety but unfortunately ended up passing away.
Bruce Crandall
Bruce Crandall made more than twenty flights into enemy fire. He then evacuated seventy wounded men and delivered ammo. The men he saved were grateful for his amazing acts of bravery.
Salvatore Giunta- Stated the medal is for everybody who has ever served in the military.
Sammy Davis- Knew the rest of his unit deserved the medal as much as he did.
Bruce Crandall- Showed the president respect.
Sammy Davis- He tried the cannon without getting shot. He also ran through enemy fire to say three men.
Salvatore Giunta- Salvatore ran through the line of fire to rescue a friend.
Bruce Crandall- Sserved for over twenty years.
Sammy Davis
Sammy Davis was a Vietnam soldier who fired artillery in support for the infantry. He got the the award for his ability to fight off many enemies under heavy fire and saved three G-I.
Sammy Davis- As a child wanted to serve into the military like his dad.
Salvatore Giunta- In high school, he went to an event and realized he wanted to be in the military.
Bruce Crandall- He followed his dad and joined the military.
Medal of Honor Recipeints
by George WIlson and Adam Morgan
Sammy Davis- He tried as hard as he could to save his men against all odds.
Salvatore Giunta- He shot desperately to try to ward off the enemy.
Bruce Crandall- Caught the enemy before they could get out of their helicopers.
These soldiers were brave in the face of danger and all saved multiple lives. this shows us how we would want to be in the military.
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