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Perseus and Medusa

No description

on 10 August 2014

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Transcript of Perseus and Medusa

Perseus and Medusa
By Felix and Trenton
Associate it
Analyze it
Apply it
What does the subject make you think of?
Break the subject into parts. Tell how it is made.
Describe the subject's uses.
Use any reasoning to argue for or against the subject.
Argue For
or Against It
This is the story of Medusa (DUH!)
The prezi that we are about to show you is about a greek demigod that is very famous for slaying Medusa and saving Andromeda (his girlfriend). This is the story of Perseus and his adventure.
Compare it
What is it similar to? What is it different from?

Comparing to many other greek
demigods Perseus is far more smart,brave,creative and not as stupid as some other greek demigods. Perseus is very self reliant,and talented. He has always hated Medusa. Perseus is different from other people because of his bravery and courage
This was a kind of hard topic for both of
us. Felix: This made me think of super heroes
how Perseus was like that but in a greek
myth. Trenton: he made me think of a cool
god like how he hated Medusa because i hate Medusa because she seems a bad villan and i don't like villans. After a lot of thinking we had come to this conclusion: Perseus is our favorite greek demigod
Why did Perseus kill Medusa?
Perseus killed Medusa to continue on his quest to save Andromeda.
Who was Andromeda?
Andromeda is a woman (his girlfriend) who was offered to "The kraken" a greek sea monster.
How did Perseus kill the kraken?
Perseus used Medusa's head
Perseus was useful in many ways. For instance he is famous for killing Medusa, saving Andromeda, and obviously being the son of Zeus. He is pretty brave because he is the son he is not afraid to take on new challenges.
Perseus is the greatest demigod ever, in the history of the demigods. he is a hero, demigod,And a great leader. He has a good idea on how to do the right thing. And of course an awesome guy needs an awesome name
the magnificent
who is Medusa???
Medusa was born of earth and ocean, She was one of 3 sisters called the Gorgons. Medusa was once a priestess of Athena but after being wooed, breaking her vows and she became untied to him in marriage Medusa was punished and each lock of her haie became a snake, her eyes became blood shot and her skin turned a green color.

Origin of Medusa
Medusa was born from Gaea and Oeconus (earth and Ocean)
Medusa once had golden hair blue eyes and was daughter of Phorcys the Titan of water. Making Medusa a titaness. After being banished from Olympys Medusa roamed the earth until she was killed.
why was medusa so miserable all her life?
after medusa was banished
from Olympyus she fled to Africa where Medusa walked miserably along the plains letting some of the snakes fall off from her head
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