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Staff Profile - Chris Hordley

Chris Hordley

Creative England

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Staff Profile - Chris Hordley

Creative England
Staff profile - Chris Hordley Chris covers the Yorkshire and East Midlands regions.

He provides a production liaison service to all companies looking to film within the Yorkshire and East Midlands regions. “I have been involved with some crazy shows in my time. My first job in TV was the Big Breakfast, and I have worked as a Location Manager on some typical Yorkshire dramas such as Emmerdale, Heartbeat and A Touch Of Frost.” Yorkshire

From abandoned mills to rolling hills, cobbled terraced streets to hi-tech modern industrial parks, Yorkshire is not just England’s largest county but also probably its most varied.

Chris knows the county better than most and is often tasked by productions looking to film in Yorkshire with finding the most specific of locations. Secrets

“I describe my job sometimes like working for the secret service. We are in a really trusted and privileged position knowing details about multi-million pound Hollywood productions. There is a huge level of trust involved in my work.” Credits

“I’m a credit-watcher. It’s not just about seeing my name on the credits . Creative England is industry focused, I make it my business to know who’s worked on the key films and TV dramas, especially on those I have assisted" “The negative side is that we are a bit like a hidden service. We support location managers but do not always get the recognition for that.” "The variety here is amazing. We have to home in on our unique selling points, be that an old pit head from a coal mine or our untamed moorlands.” Yorkshire Film Friendly Partnership

“The charter sends out a confident message to the filming industry underlining Yorkshire’s business ready status, with the systems in place to make the filming process smooth, easy and efficient for film and TV productions. Industry keeps coming back for more in Yorkshire and we are working hard to keep it that way.” Location requests

“I used to be a location manager, so it's second nature for me to go out and find a location.

Supporting Location Managers is an important part of my job. Location Managers are often the unsung heroes of many great films and TV shows." Proud

"I am often proud when I see a location that I have worked on either on television or at the cinema." This is Chris Creativity

“I love the creative element to my job. A location Manager might have a wish list. We discuss ideas over the phone, and I can help them from a very early stage" ‘Why I count myself lucky’

“I spend my working week visiting this amazing scenery and historic houses across Yorkshire that people would pay to visit in their leisure time. But also, one day I might be doing a recce in a country estate and the next day I will be on a demolition site.” A typical day...

“I never have a typical working day. Our team is frontline service delivery. We have to be really responsive and reactive. You cannot ever judge what’s going to happen in a week." "Quite often I can plan my work and then it goes out of the window on Monday morning when a major film request comes in.”
“My job is not just about finding a tricky location. Often I assist with access into the most unusual and private locations, I have a network of contacts all over Yorkshire and the East Midlands which have proved invaluable in securing key filming locations for major film and TV production. To find out how Chris or one of our other national production liaisons could help you, contact us at.....


or call us on 0844 894 0137 Chris Hordley is our Production Liaison
Manager for Yorkshire/East Midlands Chris lives in Leeds in West Yorkshire. He does not own a whippet, but he does have a flat cap. This is Chris in prison (on the set of Prisoners’ Wives
for BBC1 which filmed in Sheffield
and Rotherham) His favourite film is The Wizard Of Oz closely followed by Star Wars. His signature dish is Risotto and his favourite childhood sweets were sherbet spaceships. What’s best about Yorkshire? "Proud, straight talking, feet
on the ground people that know thing or two about good
living, especially beer" "I’m used to the unexpected, I have worked in children’s TV, filming with the army and RAF; and scientists in secret laboratories thousands of meters underground so I’m used to weird requests and odd situations." Bolton Castle, used as a filming location in Elizabeth and The Dales My work can directly influence where filming happens impacting positively on the regional economy – In Yorkshire and the East Midlands alone, the regional spend from filming 2012-13 was around £9 million" ‘It’s not just about finding a location’ Parade's end, filmed in Yorkshire At the signing of the Yorkshire Film Friendly charter
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