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What Makes The Great Barrier Reef So Special? Phoebe Reid-Smith

What does make the Great Barrier Reef so special? Find out now. By Phoebe Reid-Smith

Cameron Anderson

on 5 March 2011

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Transcript of What Makes The Great Barrier Reef So Special? Phoebe Reid-Smith

What Makes The Great Barrier Reef So Special? Size It can be seen from space
Largest natural feature on Earth
2300km long from northern tip of QLD to Bundaberg Age Forming for 18 million years
Oldest species of fish in GBR
Origins date back to last Ice Age Diversity 30 whales, 215 birds, 6 sea turtles, 125 sharks and stingrays, 49 pipefish, 17 sea snakes and 1500 fish
400 corals, 500 seaweed and 4000 molluscs
Has a large variety of dugongs Tourism Brings $4.3 million to QLD
Over 1.9 million visitors a day to the GBR in 2004
Visitors only visit 10% of the GBR
Sailing, diving, jet skiing and helicopter trips
Many popular ship wrecks in the GBR Interesting Facts Declared marine park in 1975
Over 600o commercial ships within the GBR
Declared world heritage area in 1981
World's largest heritage area
Bigger than UK and Ireland combined
Contains one third of world's softest corals
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