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No description

Brady Cook

on 2 May 2017

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Transcript of Bones SWJCS

What kind?
The bone in your upper arm is called
the humerus.
WorldBookOnline.com "Bones" by Robert Marcus


Music by: Ketsa "Turning Wheel"
What are the sizes of the bones?
There are all kinds of different sizes of bones.
How strong?
How many bones are in your body?
How big?
What's the purpose of bones?
Bones in Your Body
By: Brady Cook

There are 206 bones in your body.
The largest bone is called the femur and it is your thigh bone. It is 19.9 inches long.
Bones are made of one of the strongest materials found in nature. Bones are five times stronger than steel, but they are very light. Bones can be broken.

How small?
The smallest bone is called the stirrup bone and it is in your ear. It is only 0.10 inch.
Produced by:
SWJCS Star Productions
in 2015
The purpose of bones is to
give shape to your body and protect your organs. Muscles and ligaments pull on the bones of the skeleton at joints to make the body move.
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