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Giant Pandas

No description

ama otterson

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Giant Pandas

Giant Panda
By: Amanda Hodgins
Giant pandas live in central China. They can be found in the remote regions. Pandas often live where there are mountains and lots of bamboo forests.
Giant pandas have 5 fingers and a special extra long wrist bone that helps them grasp bamboo
Giant pandas have flat and wide teeth so they can eat through bamboo easily
Giant pandas have a round face which means the have very powerful jaws.
Symbiotic Relationship
Giant pandas symbiotic relationship is with humans that are panda research vets. Their relationship is Mutualism. The human takes care of the panda so they get information on the panda. Giant pandas get taken care of so they don't die.
Impacts the Environment
Giant pandas Spread seeds while they roam around.
Giant pandas eat so much bamboo that we are losing Bamboo.
Impacted By Humans
Giant pandas are impacted by humans by the community in China. Chinese people are wanting more space for places so they are going to take out some of the bamboo forest where the pandas are currently living.
Are Giant pandas Carnivores,Omnivores or Herbivores?
Giant pandas are omnivores, although many people say pandas are herbivores they are Omnivores. They eat Arrow bamboo and Umbrella bamboo. They also eat grasses, bulbs, some insects, small animals and fruit. Giant pandas spend more than 12 hours a day eating bamboo
Predator or a Prey
Giant Pandas are a Predator and Prey!
Predator: a giant panda is a predator because giant pandas eat insects and sometimes small animals.
Prey: Giant pandas are prey because Jackals,Leopards and a yellow throated marten eat the panda.
Food chain
The food chain for the giant panda from the bottom goes Bamboo which is a Primary Producer, Then Giant Panda which is a Primary Consumer. Next the Snow Leopard which is a secondary consumer than last is the Bengal Tiger which is a Tertiary Consumer.
Primary Producer
Giant Panda
Primary Consumer
Snow Leopard
Secondary Consumer
Bengal Tiger
Tertiary Consumer

Thanks for watching My presentation on Giant pandas
By: Amanda Hodgins 7k
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