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Aztec vs. Mongol

An epic battle between blood crazed empires.

Anthony Zellmer

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Aztec vs. Mongol

Aztec Empire Engineering Advances Aztec Tall buildings, roads, canoes, canals, bridges, temples and houses. They're more complex use of tools allowed
them to build more extensive and
sophisticated projects. These people
managed to build an ENTIRE CITY on
water and created calenders that would
be used for hundreds of years to follow. First Battle Mongol Empire Mongols had an ingenious and efficient mailing system for that time. They also protected the Silk Road which connected Europe and Asia allowing trade to occur. FIGHT AZTEC WINS BEGIN ROUND 2 Mongols Agriculture Aztec Mongols The Aztec people created "float-
ing gardens" to grow their crops
when land was scarce and
allowed the plants to flourish. This
means they always had plenty of
food to sustain themselves. The Mongols main purpose was to create and expand their empire. This means they had very little food grown, most was from pillaging and famine often raked its way through their ranks. VICTOR: AZTEC FINAL ROUND Medical Practices Aztec Mongols Specialized villagers would preform
surgery and the Aztecs would use
a flower called Passion Flower that
would help with muscle spasms. This
is revolutionary because it is still used
today. They focused on curing the
disease, not trying to find where it
came from right away. Passed from
parent to child a vast knowledge of
herbal healing was well known in the
culture. Mongolians believed that the blood of freshly killed animal could heal nearly everything and usually the wounded or sick person would sit in or submerge the afflicted area in the stomach of freshly killed animals. Unlike the more knowledgeable Aztecs the mongols believed that every single plant could be used as medicine, even the poisonous deadly ones. (the next image is not for the squeamish) Wins 58% of the time
all the time. WINNER IS... AZTEC "Our empire will never crumble..." "We are the champions..."
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