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A2 Psychology - Gender lesson 4

Evolutionary gender

Amanda Lane

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of A2 Psychology - Gender lesson 4

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Lesson Objective:
Have we evolved into gender roles or is it because men and women think differently?

Gender Roles
What are gender roles?
This complimentary division of labour ensured the success of homo sapiens…. Unlike our Neanderthal cousins
The role of the female was child rearing, growing veg, making clothes and maintaining shelter.
Me, hunter. Ugg…..
In the beginning….
The environment to which a species is adapted and the set of selection pressures that operated at this time.
Environment of Evolutionary Adaptation (EEA)
Choices are based on attractiveness and provision.
Promiscuity ensures reproductive success
Adaptive behaviour = reproductive success
Gender role behaviours relate to reproductive strategies
Choosing a mate…
Ability to provide
Males look for:

Fertility (Young)
Health, which is identified by smooth skin, glossy hair, red lips, slim waist.
Choosing a mate….
Females look for:
In terms of gender roles, women will enhance their physical appearance and attractiveness because it is expected that men will seek it.
Men will advertise their wealth and status because it is expected that women will seek such qualities when looking for a mate.
Evo's or Evolutionary psychologists such as Kuhn & Stiner (2006) state that the reason that Homosapians survived and Neandrthals did not is gendered division of labour
What the Evo's say.......
Where as the Cog's say no way!
Cog's or Cognitive psychologists say that because women are better at EMPATHISING they are more suited to a child rearing role.
Men are much better at SYSTEMATISING which makes them better at hunting and building
Baron-Cohen (2002) calls this the E-S theory
Taylor et al (2000) has also link the ES theory to the T & B stress response
Lets find out!
Do men really think differently to women?
Think about a relationship that you have been in, are in or would like to be in.....
Sex differences and jealousy
Which scenario would upset you more?
a) Your partner falling in love with someone else
b) Your partner having sex with someone else
Why do you think this research was conducted?
Buss et al (1992) conducted this experiement on 202 undergraduate students to discover which situation was more distressing for men and women.
The results show that men get more distressed over sexual infidelity than women.
Women on the other hand report greater distress with emotional infidelity than men
But why?
According to Trivers (1973) the difference in jealousy can be traced back to parental investment. Women by means of anatomy and biology have a far greater level of parental investment than men.
Parental investment theory
Men can therefore be more promiscuous than women as they have less to loose and have the choice to 'invest' in a child or not.
This is why women are 'particular' about choosing a mate!
How would you EVALUATE the evolutionary approach to gender?
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