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Copy of eLab - Integral City Collective

End of eLab summary

erin stewart elliott

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of eLab - Integral City Collective

We build a new
operating system
for our cities by... Embracing
Shared Values Holding
Individual Values Aligning inner intention and
outer behaviour Designing
Structures Seeing whole
systems in other
whole systems Feedback Experimentation Resilience Learning Exploration Choice Transparency Diversity Creativity Dialogue Collaboration Help others find their
piece/peace AMPLIFYING Breath:
It takes practice Believe;
each perspective only
holds a partial truth Integrate values
and work ALIGNMENT Create a habitat and culture of inquiry Connect
Everything Interdisciplinary We will achieve
more together
than we can alone Intention Safety Courage Ego-Softening Be vulnerable Open
hearted CONNECT Play Laugh Have fun Smile Humor Joy Kindness Navigate
relationships Ask: What do I do best? GRATITUDE Understand; how we see improvement is a
personal point of view Value the gift of
suffering Be optimistic
by choice At every scale Levels Lines Stages INTERCONNECTIONS Our inner life builds cities Social
Habitat Our relationships Right action and
inner intention Self development
means that I am
better able to
contribute The WAY we
connect Capacity
building Learn Lead Connect Authenticity Dialogue Self development
for the sake
of the collective Balance structure
and self organizing Sustain structures that
enhance flow Plan habitats that
will allow for
prosperity View crisis as an opportunity
for a new way of being together Measure what matters What gets
gets done! Enable emergence Prepare, and
then let go Find genuine
with others of
different world views
and levels of
consciousness At
scale Know we are
all part of earths
natural systems HOLONS For the well-being
of our planet Integral City 2.0 Online Conference
presents: The City 2.0 September 2012 Imagine: how will a new operating system for a city look, feel, connect and emerge? Practice An Online Conference ...taking care of self,
others, place, and planet. https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B0bFpb8fqza_YU1aX3FrUW1Zcmc/edit?docId=0B0bFpb8fqza_cnU2UFpUQTl6VFU
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