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AdWords Overview presented at BarCamp Tampa, October 18, 2014

Sarrah Vesselov

on 18 October 2014

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Transcript of Adwords

How does it work?
Main Idea
AdWords can be confusing and is not right for every business. Before getting started, ask yourself these questions:
1. Are you advertising a product or service that the target market is not aware of
(if they don't know about it, they are unlikely to be searching for it).

2. You're targeting a niche market that can't be accurately targeted using keywords (you will blow your budget on bad clicks that don't result in sales)

3. Your market is very competitive, making it expensive to compete on ads
(unless you are selling high price point items or services, $10 per click will kill your budget)

4. You have a terrible website

too many too choose from!
Ad Auction & Display Network
What is AdWords? Google AdWords is Google's advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google's search results.
It starts with a search...
How do advertisers get into auction?
Who's ad gets shown?
Ad Rank
CPC Max x
As soon as you enter your search - Google looks to advertisers to determine whether there will be an auction.
1. Create a Campaign for their product or service

2. Create Ad Groups under the campaign

3. Identify Keywords to bid on
Google then pulls from your account, the KeyWord that it decides is most relevant to a given query

Maximum Bid

Quality Score

= Max KW Bid
= Quality Score
(Metric compiled from relevance, landing page, and other factors)
QS =
Your Price ?

Ad Rank of nearest competitor

Divided By
Quality Score
Add $0.01

Example: You bid $2.00 and have a quality score of 8
Your nearest competitor has a score of 6.
6/8 + .01 = $0.76

CPM - cost-per-thousand impressions
CPA - Conversion Optimizer attempts to hit your average or max CPC
Triggered by placements or pages on Google AdSense
1. Relevance determined by placement not the query

2. Bids set at Ad Group Level

3. Can specify CPM
Ad Rank = CPC X QS
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