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No description

ishmael bacchus

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Vietnam

Is there a name for the dance that the people do? There is a dragon dance and the ne sien dou dance mostly all women dance but one or two men is in the dance because it is very often to do with all kids,adults and even teens. wow awesome Vietnam our explaining of the flag and map why do people dance in Vietnam People dance because its a religionous thing to do because they think its a holy thing. It is a holy thing because on weddings and funerals they dance. Our country is located in southeast Asia.Vietnam is a long and narrow to us on the map. 81,098,416 people live in Vietnam
(2002 estimate). The dance that boys and girls do Girls dance to the gala the boys don't really dance they only dance with girls. Vietnam By Ishmael and Sukhjot What people wear when they
dance The girls wear long dresses and there white,full sleeves and boys wear 2 colored shirts they are some type of rags used to make the costume. moves 1. pretend you are hitting a drum first one than the next hand clap over your head
2.one hand up then the other by your side go in a circle when you are done clap one time.
3.put the hat beside your ear then turn 2 times 4.hold the hat in front of you about 10 cm distance than go back and the fourth 1 more time . THIS IS A SONG FROM VIETNAM Thats all guys!!!!! THERES A QIUZ we will teach
you some words in

Thi-test/exam All about the hat

so the hat that we keep talking
about is a very good thing to
dance with in Vietnam.
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