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Good Evening

A little music video I put together for the song "Good Evening" by Outasight.

Stefan Rasmussen

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Good Evening

Good Morning Good Evening I hope you like dreaming You live to learn, and you learn to live It's positive and negative I can't sleep, but I dream big! I can't sleep, but I dream big! I can't sleep, but I dream big! Well, it's hard to get to bed, with a head full of dreams.. Rippin at the seams Steam Green Scene Everything! It's hard to stand tall, when you are already on your.. Dough Show That got me all froze Lifen Scifen Sajak Please don't say that Peace War When ya sleeping on the floor Mall Ball Anymoooooooore Easystreet Believe me! I'm buyin' a penthouse, yeaa.. Until then tho I got to get those Flows that I do Ghettos Things that are nice Natural So Imma do what I have to do I can dream about sh** that is fresh!
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