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Bethany Hamilton- Perseverance


Rebekah H

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Bethany Hamilton- Perseverance

Perseverance How do characters, real and fictional, use words and actions to demonstrate perseverance?
Jackie Robinson, as an example of a real character, used his words in the way that he would not respond back to those who criticized him, and he also would turn the other cheek to those who harmed him physically, instead of harming them back. To be able to do that you have to persevere. For an example of a fictional character I am using Jubal Sackett. He is a cowboy. In his story he acts and says a bunch of things about what he had to go through in his past and he explains how he got through it. Most of what he talks about is having to overcome moving around and having to adjust to the change of different cultures. He overcame the moving around by going out and hunting away from people and not socializing. Bethany Meilani Hamilton 10 ways Bethany Hamilton Persevered after the shark attack.. 1. After the attack she was in the spotlight and everyone wanted to see what she would do next. She had to overcome being in the spotlight as well as push through the negative comments said about her and to her.
2. She learned how to be a good example to those who were watching her and to use those comments said about her to become stronger and a better person. 3. When she was in the hospital during the days after the attack she was told by her doctors that she was going to have to learn how to do things differently and may never be able to surf again, considering she had lost over 60% of her blood. She had to persevere through those reports.
4. She overcame those reports by even in the hardest of times never giving up and always having confidence and faith in herself. 5. Bethany had to overcome the thought of her letting down her family, friends, and her fans.
6. She felt by not surfing she would teach everyone looking at her that when an obstacle arises you quit and give up. So, instead of giving up she persisted on the water and went to the Bible for support. 7. She had to be brave and overcome the fear of sharks she had.
8. She persisted and she came to the conclusion that you have to face your fears and you cant worry all the time. She also said, "I was more afraid that I wouldn't be able to surf again than afraid of sharks." Also when asked what her motivation was to get back on the water she replied, "My motivation came from passion for the sport, passion for the ocean, and hope her lifestyle would not have to change dramatically. 9. Bethany had thoughts that no one wanted to be around her because she was different than everyone else. She also thought she was ugly.
Look at this clip from the movie Soul Surfer.

10. Her mother showed her a picture of a lady with no arms at all and told her the lady was "a pinnacle of beauty". She realized different isn't bad, different is good. Bethany has said her advice to everyone young and old is this, "Do your best in life, find the good in every bad situation, and be kind to others."
Click on the link below for more information on Bethany Hamilton.
http://bethanyhamilton.com/about/bio/ Resources...
soulsurfer.com/story.html By: Rebekah Howell
Period: 4
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