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No description

Luisa Magni

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Merlin

MERLIN "Merlin" is a British fantasy-adventure television programme based on the Arthurian legends of the young wizard Merlin and his relationship with Prince Arthur, but differs from traditional versions in many ways. Merlin intro. Meet the
characters Merlin is a twenty years old boy. He lives in Camelot with Gaius as Arthur's servant. He has magic, but he has to keep it secret because magic is not allowed in the kingdom. His destiny is to secretly help Arthur to become the great king of the reign of Albion. Merlin Arthur Pendragon is a young boy, son of Uther Pendragon. During the first season he is a boaster and he does not really care about other people. With time, and with the help of Merlin, he becomes a fair and generous man. His destiny is to take the crown and found the reign of Albion. Arthur Morgana is a beautiful young woman. She's orphan, and she is raised by Uther in Camelot. She is very nice with everybody until she discovers Uther is her natural father. When she succeeds to use her magical powers she becomes evil and tries to kill Uther and Arthur in order to take the crown. Morgana Ginevra, young and beautiful, is Morgana's servant. She is in love with Arthur, but they marry just at the end of the fourth season, when Arthur takes the crown. She is a loyal friend to everybody, but with the marriage, Morgana becomes her mortal enemy. Ginevra Other characters Knights of Camelot Lancelot He has a relationship with Ginevra, but then he supports her marriage with Arthur, and dies to save his king's life. Uther Pendragon Uther is Arthur's father. He is the king of Camelot, but he is quite unfair and he hates magic, which, in fact, is not allowed in the reign. He is also Morgana'a natural father, but he wants to keep it secret. Mordred Mordred is a Druid child with magic. Morgana and Arthur like him and they help him several times. The only one who knows the truth is Merlin: Mordred's destiny is to seek an alliance with the evil Morgana and to destroy Arthur and his reign. First season Merlin goes to Gaius (in Camelot) to understand his magical powers: he becomes Merlin's guide, while Merlin becomes Arthur's servant.
Arthur and Merlin hate each others, but then they become friends; Merlin discovers his destiny: he has to help the young prince to found the fair reign of Albion.
Meanwhile Morgana starts discovering she has magic, and she help a young druid, Mordred, to escape from Camelot, where he would be killed for using magic. Merlin meets Arthur for the first time. Second season Arthur falls in love with Ginevra, but they have to keep it secret because a king cannot marry a servant. Moreover, Ginevra has strong feelings for Lancelot, a brave knight who loves her; but, since he is a loyal knight, he decides to stay away from the girl.
Morgana discovers Uther is actually her natural father, and she starts using magic with the help of her half-sister Morgause: she becomes evil and at the end of the season she leaves Camelot with Morgause. Arthur and Ginevra Third season Morgana comes back in Camelot pretending Morgause had kidnapped her; actually, she often sees her half-sister and they try to kill the king, but Merlin discovers it and he protects Uther and Arthur.
At the end Morgana tells Uther the truth: she is going to conquer Camelot, but Merlin defeats her and he kills Morgause, so Morgana is forced to leave the reign. Morgana taking the crown Fourth season The season is about Morgana trying to destroy Arthur and Uther (shocked because Morgana left him), with the help of Arthur's uncle, Agravaine, who lives in Camelot as Arthur's mentor. Lancelot dies to save Arthur's life, and Uther is killed. Arthur can now become the king and he marries Ginevra. Gwen becomes queen Trailer of fifth season Main differences with the traditional legend: Merlin Traditional legend Uther founds Camelot Arthur founds Camelot Arthur and Merlin have the same age Merlin is older than Arthur Magic is not allowed in Camelot Uther himself uses magic Ginevra is a servant Ginevra is a king's daughter Audience
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