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Genre Project

tall tales- Amelia Thyen

Amelia Thyen

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Genre Project

Tall Tale- A story, relayed as true. It is exaggerated, but based on a historic person, place, or event. Tall Tales
By:Amelia Thyen Babe the Blue Ox- S.E. Schlosser
American Tall Tales- Mary Pope Osborne
Paul Bunyan- retold by Steven Kellogg
Sasquatch and the Bear- told by Captain Tim Brueckner collected by S.E. Schlosser
Davey Crockett-Roselyn Schanzer
Widdermaker- Patty Schnetzler
Blackbeard`s ghost- S.E. Schlosser Examples of tall tales Johnny Appleseed and Davy Crockett were actual people, but the stories told about them today are exaggerated and not all true. Therefore, they are tall tales.
Paul Bunyan was not a real person. The author of his stories simply made the character and story up. In his story, he is an American lumberjack that was known for his great strength and gigantic size. His prized possession was Babe, an enormous blue ox. Notes Common elements in Tall Tales Exaggerated details that describe things inaccurately
Fantastic- not real but based on fact
The main characters, in the end, are the heroes
The stories involve trickery
The stories are based on fact
There is a problem that is solved in a funny way Common themes Freedom
War (civil war)
Great depression Tall tales were first told by settlers who came to American . In those days, before TV and movies, people depended on storytelling for entertainment. After a long day's work, people gathered to tell each other funny tales. This is how American tall tales began. Tall Tales In History From the time they were told, they began to be passed down by word of mouth. They were communicated orally multiple times before being written down. Many of the ones we know of today are retold by different authors. They are based on the original story but changed for different reasons, such as to make it easier for children to understand. I have read tall tales before and liked them. They are very interesting to me because I like reading about the past, specifically historical fiction. Sometimes these stories can get boring though. Tall tales however, are much more interesting in my opinion. They are realistic in that many of them are set in a real time of history or closer to modern times. But they are also fantasy so they are very open. Because they are not true, it makes me think about how life would be if what happened in the story was true.I like reading these types of stories, even though I don’t read them that often. Connections Fairy tales, legends, myths, fables, proverbs, and tall tales are all related. All of them are categorized as traditional literature and folktales. This means that they are all handed down within a specific culture, they involve trickery, and they are written for entertainment. But the thing that makes Tall Tales different from the others is that they are exaggerated and based on fact. Relations My conclusion is that tall tales are not true and that they are exaggerated but they have true qualities about them. They are based on real events, people, or places. They are appealing to people of all ages because the main character is the hero in the end. This is appealing and enjoyable because the reader can connect to the hero in that they want to be them or they worship them because of what they have done. Iv`e also found that there are many different tall tales each with distinct characteristics. Even though they are different, they are all have similar elements that make them all tall tales. Conclusion Video-Mater`s Tall Tale Video explained Even though Mater`s Tall Tales is a Disney show for young kids, each clip is a tall tale. This one, about Mater`s trip to the moon is very exaggerated, an element of tall tales. The story itself is also not real but based on fact (Apollo 13). It is appealing, funny, and intriguing to many people. Also, the main character in the end is the hero. I chose this video because I liked it but also because it is a true Tall Tale. There are not many videos/ movies that are tall tales, especially modern interpretations, but this one accurately fits this genre. "American Tall Tales." ThinkQuest. Oracle Foundation, n.d. Web. 16 Sept. 2012.

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